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Advertising - the car industry.

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Media coursework Advertising plays a major part in the sale of many objects, from daily needs such as food, to things that aren't a necessity. Each advert has a different target audience and we can tell this by looking at many things in the advert, such as the amount of copy and the language that is used. The companies look deeply into the meaning of their adverts through research and studying what people want, and then put these ideas into the advert itself. They use many different techniques to get across their points, and make the customer want to buy the product on offer. By exploiting the customer, they can make them think that they need a product, when actually it isn't a necessity. There are three main types of advertising, using moving pictures on television, using still pictures in magazines and newspapers, by speaking on the radio and also by word of mouth. The two that I am going to concentrate on are moving image and still image. The moving image advert that I have chosen is "In the nick of time" which advertises a new Audi car, which was shown on television in 1989. The advert is very well produced, as the person viewing it doesn't immediately know what it is actually advertising. It could be a wide variety of things, and this makes the customer more interested and wanting to know what it is that is being advertised. ...read more.


This links is with the idea of there being a new generation of cars, as there the baby is a new generation of the family, as in the voice over they say, " The sound throughout the whole of the advert is mostly no-diegetic, as there is only music and a woman saying a voice over. The music that they have chosen is slow and mysterious, as this links in with the sinister effect that they want to get across. Also the woman figure adds an element of calmness to the creepy music and the actual advert itself, as she have a very motherly and soothing voice. The advert that I chosen for the still image is from 'What Car?' magazine, and it is advertising 'Auto Glym', which is a polish for cars. It is spread across a whole A4 page, and is in full colour. I think that the advert as a whole is aimed at males, who are up to date with cars, and know a lot about them. It is also aimed at more middle to upper class people, as the picture of the car is very expensive. Also they have chosen to put the advert in a car magazine reflects on the target audience, of people who know about, and are interested in, cars. The main focal point of the advert is the silver Aston Martin Vanquish, but also in the picture it has a another two cars and a ...read more.


I also think that because it is in a car magazine, the way they have set it out is more effective than if they had put it in any other kind of magazine. Both of the adverts that I have looked at provide many different aspects and features of how to advertise a product. Some of the aspects that are different in each are that the still image has only one single frame to deal with, whereas a moving image advert has many frames. This causes the still image to have a main focal point on the page, which is usually a picture, or a large title and sometimes both. Yet on the moving image advert they can use many different details to catch the attention of the customer. Also due to the fact that they only have one frame to deal with, the still image has to have a fair amount of text to explain what the product is about, but the moving image advert can have a range of things to explain itself, from a voice over, such as in the advert I have studied, to different images. They are just a few of the differences between the two styles of advertising. Both of these adverts' on a whole, I feel, work very well about explaining to, yet also catching the attention of, the customer. They both put across the advantages of what the product is in a way that is accessible to the target audience that they have chosen. ...read more.

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