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An analysis of advertising focusing on the teenage market.

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An analysis of advertising focusing on the teenage market. The TV documentary "Ads with Attitude" is all about how companies try to advertise their products on TV and how their main aim is to persuade teenagers to buy their products. For companies adverts are very important to get to their targeted customers. It cost them million of pounds to display their adverts but its worthwhile doing it because they make billions of pounds return. If companies don't advertise their products and then it's likely that they won't sell much, which can lean them to scarcity. So that's why companies concentrate on so much on adverts to persuade customers to sell their products. Later on in the programme they say they are selling a whole image and lifestyle, not just a product. They use buzzwords to attract teenagers and they also use language which teenagers themselves use. The purpose of this is to make the teenager remember a particular word by using short language. When next time they go to shopping and they will try to find that product which they have seen before in the advert. They use words such as Hip, Rebel, Cool, Attitude, Teen, Streetwise, Hype and Credibility. ...read more.


They are trying to say that if you wear Nike products you too will be a winner like McEnroe and Agassi. They try to encourage teenagers to buy their products by saying that if you are a rebel and don't play by the rules in life, and of course if you wear Nike shoes, you will be famous and winner. In the next magazine advert product endorsement has been used. Two famous footballers have been chosen because they are famous football players. In Ryan Gigg's advert, I can see that there are flowers for sale and Ryan Giggs is standing next to them. He is standing beside the motorway and there are some vehicles going past. In Denis Bergkamp advert, he is wearing white clothes and he is in a cheese factory. He is holding a pack of cheese. I think these particular footballers been chosen because they are well known nationally and internationally. Both of these players are highly respected in their game. These two players work really hard when they are competing against their competitors. They are always running after a ball or with a ball. ...read more.


The purpose is to persuade women to buy this product and the message says that if you use this product you will be elegant too. In this advert product endorsement has not been used because it would cost them a lot of money to hire a celebrity. The slogan from this product is that "you've never been so touched by colour". This means that the colour is so rich and rare that normal women couldn't afford. You have to be special and rich to purchase this product. They use colour and velvet together so that women can feel special using the products and remember the slogan. The layout of the advert is very interesting. The company name has been written in capital letters and is also bigger than any other text. It is used in this way to stay in your mind so that if you see it again you will immediately think of 'ESTEE LAUDER'. There is also a paragraph about this product and they use words such as 'velvet, sensuous, lustrous allure, opulent, lacquer and velvety.' They use these words to compare this product with expensive and romantic feelings. I think this advert is successful in persuading teenagers to buy the product because this is an attractive advert but straight forward and simple to understand. Kamran Qureshi ...read more.

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