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An analysis of how the notorious figure Jade Goody was represented in media coverage of Big Brother.

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An analysis of how the notorious figure Jade Goody was represented in media coverage of Big Brother. Despite being the second last evicted from the big brother house, and apart from being popular in the public viewers eyes, Jade Goody has been portrayed by the media as a very objectionable individual whom is probably labelled as the worst housemate ever. In 'The Sun' Jade has been exposed, as a 'stupid and drippy' contestant who they strongly feel should be evicted from the house as soon as possible because of their stereotypical ways of commenting about an individual. The language in The Sun is very inadequate, Dated 18 June an article in 'The Sun' uses other contestants in the house as their main evidence of her 'mouthy' manners, which has effected and brought a commotion into many of the media press for Big Brother. Jade aimlessly, is not aware of the outside world. The sun uses slang to get messages across to the reader which puts the readers mind in a state of informality, something they too can have a laugh at. In article the press go a little too deep into her personal life and use a coverage about her 'jailbird dad' to describe her outside life. They use this epithet in order to create tension and prejudice about jade's conduct in the Big Brother house. ...read more.


Being a 'dental nurse' has been contrasted to the way she doesn't seem to have helped people like her because in the sun she has been nominated as the 'nations most hated'. It shows that they use her occupation too to describe her failure in the house. Many other types of comparisons are made about jade, for instance in an another article her yawing caught by a camera is contrasted to 'a baboon mimicking jade' which is rather ironic about her nature. Many pictures that are put into the articles by 'The Sun' portray her as an unflattering person, big 'boobs' all carefully selected to make her look unattractive and not someone you'd particularly want to follow in step wise. In the 'Jade should keep her big mouth shut' article a picture of disgustingly easting a pizza fits with the heading. Underneath they use an alliteration to bring out the pun in her. Another form of imagery used by 'The Sun' is a picture of her breast falling out of her bikini which has a heading of 'Jade Boobs again' which could be a attire about her weight which isn't a nice way of representing someone. Throughout her time in Big Brother 'The Sun' used many atrocious, narrow-minded comments about Jade to in a sense entertain the readers. ...read more.


The article states how the reasons why they have created an anti big brother campaign was because they thought that they too fitted the crowd therefore it was time for a change. This represents jade as another person, here in this article she is not diversely exploited but mildly commented upon. It also seems that because of the fact that 'the sun' has been commented upon by many people the Daily mirror needed to avoid being commented upon too. By creating a kind image to the reader they can help attract more readers. The daily mirror by adopting the title ' The anti-Big Brother campaign' seems to have distanced them from war, since September 11th. By placing another anti subject apart from it helps readers get away from tension and to having some form of gentle entertainment. Both article pity jade however in the sun they use personal comments to create subversion by the readers for jade goody whereas in The Daily mirror they try to create sympathy and warmth. It really is a matter of decisions made by the readers of whom they take sides on. Jade has been presented rather poorly throughout her time in Big Brother due to her looks and personality. By creating her as a person that is ironically a failure in the show they have been able to capture a form gossip column for their readers to enjoy. ...read more.

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