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An analysis of presenters and studio design on three news programmes.

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An analysis of presenters and studio design on three news programmes. Newsround is a news program for young teenagers and older children. It is on at 5.25 pm weekdays for 10 minutes on BBC1. The opening title sequence music to Newsround is very instrumental, and there is an upbeat and regular rhythm. The graphic images on the Newsround opening title sequence are animated, and there is a rotating globe throughout. Primary colours are used on the opening sequence because blue, red and yellow are very vibrant colours, this would appeal to the target audience. There is also a strong use of apple green and purple which also fit into the bright and funky category. As the music on the opening sequence is playing there are circles representing sound waves coming off the globe. At the end of the title sequence the Newsround logo is shown very centrally on the screen and it is very simple and easy to identify. This is all part of the branding, as is the unique music to the opening sequence. ...read more.


In front of this desk there is a rug with the Newsround logo on it. This is to constantly remind us of the news program we are watching. The ITV Evening News opening sequence is very different to Newsround. The opening sequence shows the images of the main news stories that day. As the image moves onto the next image there is a sound effect of the strike of the Big Ben. The Big Ben is also used graphically in the opening sequence because the Big Ben Clock face is shown spinning around with the words ITV News around the edge. There is then a finale of music at the end of the opening title sequence. The Big Ben is used here to represent London, which is the centre and Capital of communications. The main colours used here are predominantly blue and yellow, with little bits of brown. These are very brightly lit. We then get a crane shot which zooms in on the presenter sat behind his desk. ...read more.


This is showing the style and values of the BBC news, that it is a worldwide service. The colours are red and yellow; red represents a feeling of danger. The music is regular and upbeat, adding a sense of drama. The camera then zooms on the male presenters from a high angle. One presenter is a Black British male in his late thirties to early forties. The other is a white British male who is in his mid forties. They are both wearing a formal black suit and a tie. They are sat at a modern looking oval shaped desk with laptops in front of them. Behind them there is windows through which we can see a backroom with computers, desks and screens where people are working on stories. The presenters speaks in an elaborate and difficult language, because the target audience is for older more educated and interested people in the news. The style of the BBC news is more broadsheet then ITV news. Throughout the news program which too lasts for half an hour, in the bottom left hand corner it says "BBC News" to remind us of the channel. ...read more.

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