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An Analysis of two adverts

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An Analysis of two adverts (Coursework) This is an analysis and a comparison of two adverts which will describe what is in the advert and how it is appealing to people. The two adverts I have chosen are: 'The Virgin Mobile' advert and the 'Strongbow' advert. I will describe the celebrity endorsement used in the Virgin Mobile advert. In the advert the celebrity that is endorsing it is, Christina Agularia. This particular celebrity endorsement gets more people become a part of this phone network. It gets men to do this because Christina Agularia is attractive and is a sex appeal to some men. It gets women to do this because they are all wondering what an earth is she doing and think that if they change to Virgin Mobile then they can text people faster and will please there boyfriend/ husband because they become like Christina. People are also attracted by it because if you watch half way through you wonder what Christina Agularia is up to and why she is doing it in a business block near a window which is the frame work of the story. At the end of this advert the Virgin Mobile slogan comes up which is "the devil makes work for idle thumbs." ...read more.


The connotation (what it suggests) of the 'Virgin mobile' advert is that if you work in a building site you will have Virgin Mobile and see a celebrity in a business building doing something not so rude but you take it the wrong way and think its rude. It suggests you take a photograph and send it to your friends then suddenly the press appears and embarrasses the celebrity and you get fame. The Strongbow advert has humour in the advert, which will be described in this paragraph. This advert is a humorous advert because it is set in the mouth of a blue whale that has its mouth open in the middle of the ocean without water coming into the mouth. This humour is put into make the advert more appealing to people who what to buy this beer and therefore this boosts up sales for the beer therefore making the company more money. In the Strongbow the imagery symbolism is in the form of the logo. The logo of the Strongbow advert is a can of the beer with four arrows landing next to the can. This is a perfect logo for the beer because the can represents the "strong" part of the beers name and the "bow" part represents the bows. ...read more.


It also suggests that you will appear in a whale's mouth and if you have a fish tank or a pond you will find a blue whale there. The difference between the two adverts can come down to several things but I'm going to tell you about the main character in both adverts. Also in the next paragraph about the target audiences each advert is aimed at. In the Strongbow advert there is no celebrity endorsement but it still has the same effect as the Virgin Mobile advert. My opinion is that even though well known celebrities who endorse adverts help promote adverts and boost the rate of sales but a not so well known celebrity can still help promote products if they show real talent and attract viewers attention. Also it helps if the endorser is in an unusual advert that catches people eye because of the strangeness of the advert. The target audiences for both adverts are for different age groups and genders. The Virgin Mobile advert is set for both male and female at the age of about 13-25 years of age. However, In the Strongbow advert it looks like it is meant for males between the ages of 30 to 50. the adverts suit these target audiences because of the use of colours, the celebrity endorsements and most importantly the product being sold. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ian Stodart GCSE English Coursework ...read more.

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