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An Appreciation of the Peugoet 406 Ad.

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Leigh Mollison GCSE English Coursework: Media An Appreciation of the Peugoet 406 Ad Coundon Court School The riveting ad begins with what appears to be the sound of chopping helicopter rotors. The juxtaposition of the black screen and the helicopter sound creates many assumptions in the viewer's mind: rescue; emergency; an escort; even war. A sense of urgency and dramatic importance is given to the scene. Consequently, the audience is compelled to remain watching. Helicopter-like sounds are transformed into the introduction of the inspiring and stirring song "Search for the Hero" by M People. The beginning of the moving song is synchronised with an image of a sleek, alluring car speeding along a deserted highway. Following this, two screens of text appear, stating the captivating facts, "The average person has over 12267 thoughts a day. Here are just a few of them". The viewer is intrigued to continue watching as the mystery of another individual's thoughts are soon to be revealed. The white text on the black background is simple yet suggests the ad is factual, sharp and serious. ...read more.


A flash of light; an innocent girl in a vivid red coat is skipping along a road. Suddenly, the viewer associates the vibrant red of the coat with danger; blood; death. What will happen to this na�ve girl? Gripped, lost in the thoughts of the man, we watch, with anticipation. Strangely, the shocking red coat appears at numerous occasions in the ad. Could this be the danger, fear and hazard in life? Synchronized with the beginning of the lyrics to the invigorating M People song, a prodigious juggernaut swerves out of control. Does this relate to the girl's red coat? A startling scene, which is powerfully aimed at women, presents a seduction. A normal situation: a woman facing a man in a busy restaurant. Unexpectedly, the woman violently throws her empty wine glass, oblivious to the consequences. She then whips off the tablecloth, kneels seductively on the bare table and removes the glasses from her over-whelmed partner. Aggressively, takes him by the tie and passionately kisses him, with a certain air of a predator about her. ...read more.


In addition, one thought provoking and powerful, monochromatic scene shows the viewer a dissident kneeling in front of a military tank, his arms raised imploringly. Rain is lashing down. A duvet of mud covers the floor. As the scene ends, the audience sees the now lifeless man being dragged unceremoniously through the mud, from the path of the mighty tank. The significance of the scene again is relevant to heroism. A courageous man has given his life for his freedom. It shows he has dignity and he will not live with an oppressor whose politics he doesn't believe in. This car is for people who do not give up; they are audacious; they have dignity. The final image again is subtle yet inspirational text: "The drive of your life". Interestingly this could be ambiguous. Firstly, the car would be the best drive of its owner's life. Secondly, it seems the spectacular car takes the driver on a journey through life; from birth to old age. When our life ends we are heroes. Finally, this remarkable ad combines emotive visual images and stirring popular music offers to drive us protectively and inspirationally along our journey through life. ...read more.

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