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An essay on whether Fly Pie is a hero or an anti-hero

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After reading The Baby and Fly Pie it is clear that the main character, Fly does not possess all the qualities of a hero neither a strong minded individual, brave nor intelligent. Instead we find him weak, indecisive and a scavenging poor boy. Although he has an achievable dream to be a baker, he destroys the opportunity by his own foolish actions. Ultimately, he proves himself to be the anti-hero of the book as all of his plans fade into nothing. Fly Pie in the book 'Baby and Fly Pie' is somewhat a anti-hero we can find the information from the book showing that he is a anti-hero. Here are some qualities of a anti-hero, One of the traits are that he or she is dependant on following others ideas and orders in the book 'The Baby and Fly Pie' Fly Pie the main character has the same quality of ...read more.


The next quality of a anti-hero is being a thief here is a example of Fly being a thief a petty thief. Jane gathered up the paper up. 'You've forgotten' she said coldly. 'No more taking things, no more street kid stuff, we have money, we pay our way' she thrust's the paper at me. 'Now go give it back to him' In this quotation Fly Pie has a few bad habits, he steals a newspaper and Jane, Fly Pie's sister is angry with Fly Pie for stealing the newspaper from the man ad is told to give back the newspaper. But in this quotation he has the Second quality of a anti-hero where he takes somebody's orders to give something back but in this case a newspaper. The fourth quality out of the six qualities of a anti-hero is that they do not help to defend a member of a group or a gang when they are in a tough situation. ...read more.


Last of all Fly does something, which shows that he is a true anti-hero here is a quotation: I ran down, through the spiky bushes and the long grey grass. I'd go maybe ten steps when I heard a gunshot. This quotation clearly shows that he left the sister he loved to be killed by the police. Throughout the essay we have proven that Fly Pie is a anti-hero showing throughout the novel 'Baby and Fly Pie'. Showing acts of being a anti-hero we have seen that he is indecisive, someone who is easily swayed by others, who has to follow others ideas, a person who commits crime mainly a thief. A person who does not help a member when in a tight spot, a person who bullies people, and someone who leaves someone behind. By Vivek Nair ...read more.

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