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An ICT System for a Yellow Pages Supplier

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An ICT System for a Yellow Pages Supplier Introduction The branch I am designing the system for is only a small firm but works for a large company Yellow Pages. The Advertising agency which received adverts from local businesses to advertise in the local newspapers and magazines had no trouble whatsoever with finding the address of the person to post the sample adverts to. The process includes: Receiving letters from the third party who sends the letter on behalf of the company that they represent. They afterwards send the desired text to be seen on the advert, sizes, and the appropriate colour scheme to the advertising company. Before the actual advert are designed the person who will receive the phone call should calculate the amount of money the representative would have to pay for the advert to be developed and printed. If the representative is pleased with the price quoted then he/she would process the advert further. The factors that would have an affect on the cost of the advert are: Size of the advert Black and white/colour advert Amount of words on the advert Picture present absent, also amount of pictures Price inc. VAT The employee who is responsible for the design stage then will combine the colours to match the text colour and the background picture. He/she would come up with a reasonable number of sample adverts and would pass them down the chain of commands to the person level bellow him which the clerk who is responsible to post the samples back to the third parties. ...read more.


* The presence of pictures will also greatly affect the price of the advert because working with pictures is a more complicated process and therefore the designing stage will also increase as the designer will desire a higher wages. The table bellow shows the Number by which the cost is multiplied when a picture is present. Number Picture Multiple 1 Yes 3.00 2 No 1.00 So if the advert contains a picture than the price will be multiplied by Factor of 3.00 as the development cost of the advert will consequently increase quite steeply. But if there is no picture than the multiple will be factor of 1.00 which makes no difference to the cost what so ever because any number multiplied by 1.00 is still the same number e.g. �45.76 x 1= �45.76 * If a picture is present then the amount of pictures will also have an impact on the cost of the advert. Therefore I have made a table to decide the cost of the advert according to the amount of pictures it contains. Number Amount of pictures present Cost 1 1 �5.00 2 2 �7.00 3 3 �9.00 4 4 �11.00 5 5+ �20.00 As it can be seen from table above the cost increases as the amount of pictures increase e.g. for four pictures a company will have to pay �11.00 but this money will not be multiplied by factor of 3.00 at this stage but when the ...read more.


The prices will be looked up from the table in the "Quantities" worksheet. * The cost for a picture present is not in pounds. But it is a factor so it is multiplied by the total cost of the advert e.g. Cost Multiple Total cost � 24.00 3.00 � 72.00 * After this price is calculated the price will also rise if there is more than one picture present e.g. for 2 pictures a fee of �7.00 will be added to total cost before VAT. * The cost of the total quote will be calculated by using formulas. This cost will be excluding VAT. * The cost will be recalculated but this time considering VAT applied on the cost. * The details of the costumer entered will be stored in the record database for further stages involved in advertisement. * Every costumer is provided with a reference number so if they have any sort of inquiry on their quote their problem could be dealt with efficiently. Output Requirements * The entire quote details must be visible on the screen and summarised on the "Report" worksheet so an error could be easily spotted and corrected. * A printout of the quote with the personal details of the costumer to be able to post the quote as a visual evidence to the company's representative. The quote should be printed on headed stationary which includes the company's logo and address, phone number, FAX number and a person to contact. ...read more.

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