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Analyse 2 print adverts for perfumes. How effective are they in selling their products?

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Analyse 2 print adverts. How effective are they in selling their products? The first advert being analysed is “Diamond Intense” which is a perfume by Emporio. The second advert is a Chanel perfume named “Chance”. In advert 1 the target audience is women between the ages of 20 and 30. The initial most noticeable components are the bottle and the famous model Beyoncé. The advert uses a MCU which gives the effect of it being slightly edgy and intimate. The use of the subtle low angle gives the impression that the product has the capability to take you higher. The focal image of the model, Beyoncé, is shown as being extremely beautiful. She is wearing a classy dress and is an admired person in the music industry among the target audience. ...read more.


This can be linked to the quote ?Diamonds are a girl?s best friend? which will apply to the target audience. The use of white thin text gives it a classy feel which is also mirrored in the logo. This makes it easily recognisable as a famous brand. The caption ?Can you resist?? is also in small gold text and uses a rhetorical question which subconsciously convinces the audience that the product is irresistible. Advert 2 is aimed at girls ranging from the late teens to mid-20s. The advert uses a VLS at a straight angle. This could represent the straight forwardness and directness. The bottle connotes that the model appears mesmerised, shown from her closed eyes. ...read more.


The text is very bold and contrasting in colours. The black and white show a sense of acceptance and it highlights the name of the brand ?Chanel? as being high-end brand usually featured in magazines that co-operate with their target audience. In my opinion, the ?Chanel? advert is more effective in selling their fragrance because of the positive emotion created by the lighting. The use of colours is more cheerful as it consists of lighter tones connoting happiness. Whereas in advert 1 the inclusion of darker tones connotes mystery. This could tap into the fears of the target audience of not being good enough especially as the advert includes a very famous model. ...read more.

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