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Analyse a typical commercial break on evening TV - What techniques are used to sell goods and services?

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Analyse a typical commercial break on evening TV. What techniques are used to sell goods and services? This is an analysis of the following television adverts, which were shown on 22nd November 2001, in breaks during 'Peak Practice'. This is a drama about a doctor's surgery and it is filmed in the Peak District. It begins at 9.00pm and is therefore regarded as adult and teenage viewing. Because it is shown in the evenings, you would expect men, women and teenagers to watch this programme and also the adverts shown. Some of the adverts are on at this specific time, in between Peak Practise to sell their goods or services to the kind of people watching this programme, who are teenagers and adults. The adverts were shown in the following order: 1. Toshiba television sold by Currys 2. ITV Digital 3. BT Cell net 4. 2oth Century Fox Dr Dolittle 5. Intercitrus 6. Toshiba 7. Weetabix 1. Toshiba television sold by Currys. The screen shows a picture of a girl wearing a bright eye-catching orange top. This is because the viewers would notice her, then listen to more of what she says. ...read more.


3. BT Cellnet This shows a black bride on the night before her wedding, and her family gathered around, sitting in a lounge. They are using all the different BT services that the company offer, which are: phone, internet, answer phone and conference calls. Her mother is using a BT Cellnet phone to tell someone about the groom she says, "he is Scottish and he is lovely". She also says, I need to phone my sister in Antigua," which tells the viewers that you can call almost anywhere around the world. She then uses a laptop to send an email to tell someone not to wear peach colour to the wedding. We also see a shot of the grandfather ironing his trousers. This character has been in a series of these adverts this reminds the viewers. The next shot is of the wedding in church. The ceremony is followed by very lively music and the congregation, which is of both black and white people, who are singing and dancing, this shows how people from all over the country can be brought together by their services. ...read more.


Most things in the advert are black colour as it is night time. One witch whistles and a broomstick comes to her and the other cackles, and a vacuum cleaner comes to her. The one on the vacuum cleaner can fly faster. A sign comes on screen saying 'Withabix'. This sign is printed like the Weetabix logo in the same colour and font. The advert is saying, that if you eat Weetabix you have more energy, because it implies that the witch on the vacuum cleaner has eaten it and therefore can fly even beter on a vacuum than the other witch, on her broom and has more energy. The advert has been shown before in a different way using the same symbol so people will recognize the logo, which in this case is 'weetabix', but Iam saying that this particular advert advertising Weetabix cereal is not clear. People do not really want to see themselves as witches. It was showing witches because it was coming up to Halloween. Therefore it was appealing to parents and children, might get them to buy it because it will give them energy to get through the day faster like the witch on the vacuum. ...read more.

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