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Analyse and compare the following two texts "No one wore black" Daily Mirror, Saturday, August 12 1995, Fragment taken from The Orton Diaries, edited by John Lahr, 1986.

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Maria Andrea Caceres November 23, 2002 English Commentary IB English A2 Analyse and compare the following two texts "No one wore black" Daily Mirror, Saturday, August 12 1995 Fragment taken from The Orton Diaries, edited by John Lahr, 1986. Discuss the similarities and differences between the texts and their theme(s). Include comments on the ways the authors use elements such as structure, tone, images, and other stylic devices to communicate their puposes. Death as the permanent ending of all life in a person has been treated as an enigmatic subject. As birth is marked by engaging pleasure, death sometimes is either celebrated as the beginning of a new life, or totally the contrary, is commemorated with condolence and pain. Through life, death is a monotonous experience that we live every day, and as a result, literature could not cast it away as an invisible theme. Instead many pieces of literature have been fantasized by the theme of death, in which they try to discover new meanings and try to give it new boundaries. These two texts, "No one wore black" (Daily Mirror, Saturday, August 12, 1995) and the fragment taken from The Orton Diaries (edited by John Lahr, 1986.) are examples of how literates have been attracted and involved by the enchants of this phenomenon. ...read more.


However, the authors tone doesn't give up his tendency to take the most hopeful and cheerful view of matters and retakes the optimistic tone by saying "Heaven must have been missing an angel" (line 71-72). As for the other passage, the tone here is a monotonous pessimistic, with a tendency of sentimental carelessness. We are first introduced into a normal and a routine situation, just descriptive without any sensation or profound thought: "I made a cup of tea and shaved. Then I went out to try and buy some flowers. I had no intention of getting a wreath" (line 1-2). It is the same with the anterior described anterior, where it is also introduced with a very simple sentences, "The children were in sneakers and carried daisies" (line 1-2), expressing no emotion, or at least is not known until the reader doesn't continue to read the passage. As the second text continues, the author achieves a fatalistic tone were he sarcastically expresses "Actually when I read the dreadful, sickening wording on the other wreaths: 'To a dear Mum. At peace at last with little Tony'" (line 5-6). At the same time, later on in the passage the sarcastic and superficial tone is taken by the author again: "My Aunt Lucy was upset because strict protocol wasn't observed. ...read more.


and again in line 22 to 24 "One low note, deep and soft like sadness; one higher note, harsh and sharp like pain". In the other hand, the second passage is not surrounded by stylistic devices, better, the author decides to make his language simple and descriptive. The only element that sometimes is also used in poetry is the overuse of adjectives. For example here the author uses adjectives to make the scene much more explicit: " I read the dreadful, sickening wording..." (line 5) or "very young and hearty" (line 21). Seen through comparison and contrast, it can be said that 'death' is given a new way of delimitation. Firstly because, the authors have a totally different attitudes to this phenomenon. On strictly denotes it as a celebration, while the other describes it as an institutionalized ceremony, in which is not the feelings of grief, suffering, pain or even happiness in some cases, is included. By this commentary describing the ways in which both the authors use elements such as structure, tone, images and stylistic devices, the reader can get a better approach of the theme, and at the same time find the purposes which the writers are try to communicate. As for this theme, related to death and its commemoration, it clearly shows how this mystery has been set up with new boundaries in the means of its discovery. ...read more.

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