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Analyse and Compare which of the Two Car Advertisements is more effective.

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Analyse and Compare which of the Two Car Advertisements is more effective. The first thing that I noticed about the two adverts when comparing and analysing is that the Mazda advert has taken a whole lot more personal approach to selling their cars. Where as Citroen only advertises for no VAT and includes a bit of humour, Mazda includes happy and playful children, your own childhood and asks the viewer personal questions. Then quickly it snaps to fast moving images of a flashy car and beautiful scenery. Mazda cleverly links the two together, making you reminisce about your own childhood, being carefree and full of freedom. With the stress of adult life, the 9-5 job, being tied down, having appointments to go to, deadlines to meet and then the going home to a hectic life or perhaps a hectic family, the look of having a Mazda car couldn't look anymore appealing. Who wouldn't long to get away in something like that, especially men and their obsession with cars, and of course attracting the woman? To many males, the attraction of expensive, sexy cars is that they'll gain the respect of materialist woman. ...read more.


With the Mazda advert, personally I think the use of camera works the best. It fits in with the mood and atmosphere, it's fast moving and covers every angle imaginable. I especially enjoy such bits when it's a high angle, looking down to the child who is looking up riding his bike. It gives the feeling that you're riding with the child. Or having a real birds eye view above him. I think that it does this quite a fair bit, following each child and its experience of freedom, giving it a whole more personal approach as if you with the child yourself, sharing the experience with them. Another effective piece of camera work is when following the child being swung around by his father. The camera does a big close-up of the child's face, full of laughter. This gives the idea and sensation of the child actually flying and being free, just as the car represents. Every so often, a scene of a child in high spirits freezes and shows a caption. As the advert is fast moving and distracting the scene is frozen to allow the audience to read the caption which corresponds to the frozen picture. ...read more.


But when introducing each car, it starts pitch black and then a bright spotlight is brought up, shone upon the car. This is effective, and it allows the viewer to concentrate on nothing but the car, the pitch black blocks out everything else and just shows the well crafted machinery. Relationship between image and words is more noticed and effective in the Mazda advert. It's quite personal, and relevant to childhood, personal life and driving a car. "Remember that feeling..." - allows the viewer to reminisce "When you first took control?" - allows viewer to think back to perhaps childhood, or perhaps later, a feeling of having control of something, being in demand and independent. "Had the freedom to go as you pleased..." - Emotional, and perhaps allows the viewer to think of a time when they were perhaps boundless and happy. "With Mazda this feeling comes as standard." - This is when the car is brought into the equation, and is seen as the answer to our stressful problems. A car which allows us be free, and away from the hectic world. With the Citroen advert, there aren't many words, or at least ones that relate to the picture. There is NO VAT in bold letters, something which attracts the viewer into getting a bargain. ...read more.

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