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Analyse how structural and linguistic devices are used to target specific audiences in printed media texts.

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Analyse how structural and linguistic devices are used to target specific audiences in printed media texts. Different media texts use varied structural and linguistic techniques to target different audiences. Each type of audience reacts to a particular layout. For example, older audiences might go for a formal and factual text, whereas younger audiences might go for an informal chatty text. In this assignment three articles from three holiday brochures will be analysed: club 18-30; superfamily and forever young. The writer of club 18-30 has tried to make the layout individual and simple. For example, it has bold subheadings such as, "what you get?" this allows the reader to look at the article quickly and find the information fast. The whole article is in the middle of the page which also makes it easy to understand. To make the article individual the writer has used many fonts, bold subheadings (which are wavy) and a photo of young adults. Using these techniques the writer has made this article stand out, which increases the chances of people wanting to look at it. The most individual part of the article is, the logo, this is used to make the whole article distinctive and to show that this article is part of the club 18-30 company. ...read more.


The writer of superfamily has made the layout interesting, simple and basic. To make it interesting the writer has put a large picture of the resort in the middle of the article (in a wavy shape), and has put the title in a vertical, wavy boarder to the left-hand side of the article, this draws attention to the article straight away. The writer uses small, bold subheadings that are the same font as the text; the article has no logo and has no range of font. This makes the article simple and basic, these contrasts with the title and the picture and keeps the balance of the whole article right. The writer uses formal, descriptive language such as, "pretty" and "beautiful", this reveals the best points about the resort. The text has no slang but informs the reader about the resort in a chatty way. The text is not, strictly speaking, persuasive but it does inform the reader about the best parts of the resort. The writer uses a variety of sentences, from "Family excursions." to "Imaginative, action packed and new for summer 2002." This shows that this article needs an experienced reader to read this in order to understand it. ...read more.


The fact that formal language and complex sentences are used suggests that it is aimed at adults. The aim of this article is to persuade adults to go to Majorca and especially to Puerto Pollensa, "Majorca's prettiest north coast resort". The brochure which best targets its audience is club 18-30. It does this because it understands what young adults are looking for in an article. It understands that young adults don't worry about spelling errors, "majorca" and "what you get?", or too much information about the resort: only one sentence describes the actual apartments, all they want is to find the information as quickly as possible, and to actually understand it. In conclusion, presentation, language and style is important in attracting specific audiences, if all holiday brochures were set out and written the same, only one type of person would go on holiday. For example, if an article aimed at older adults was full of slang and had no information, about the resort, they wouldn't go on that holiday because they didn't know enough about it. A younger audience goes for an unconventional text and an older audience prefers a conventional text. The best way to write an article is to get the balance between the two, just right. Jacqueline Parvin 10RB 4 ...read more.

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