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analyse the appeal of a specific pop video

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Analyse the appeal of a specific pop video The video that I am going to analyse is Stole by Kelly Rowland, I chose to analyse this particular video because I feel that it has a very negative view to be put across, which is the truth. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, they are sad and heart-rending; however they do put that message across about bullying in school. The song title 'Stole' is put in a very clever way, it has a double meaning because it is the name of the song, but also if you listen to the lyrics it states that the lives of the two innocent pupils are 'Stole' from them by jealous people. Part of the lyrics in the song show that some of the pupils at the school wished that they had talked to them, and never bullied them, if they might have talked to them then maybe they would still be alive now. ...read more.


There is only a change in setting, it is at the start of the video, when it shows one boy's life at home, it implies that he is having a terrible time at home, and his mother is getting beaten up. It also connotes that they may have no money. The video has a narrative, as it shows school life; this is shown mostly the whole way through the video. The video does follow the conventions of the music video medium as it has a story going through the song, and has a message to the song, which is important. The video isn't very stereotypical for the particular audience; it breaks away from other stereotypes. It does this by not having dancing and change of scenery in the video like stereotypical R&B videos. However, like R&B videos, this video does have a message to it, so therefore it is kind of stereotypical in that way. ...read more.


It fits into this genre because it has a message in the song and has a catchy tune to it. All R&B songs have these specific features; so therefore, the song will perfectly fit into the genre. The theme that the video has is innocence, as two innocent pupils die when they have done nothing wrong, apart from work hard to achieve their goals. Because, they have worked very hard people don't like that and become jealous. This brings me on to another theme that the video has, which is jealousy. The two boys that die in the video, are killed from jealousy, they have worked hard which makes people jealous. Also the video has a theme of violence, as the two boys die through violence. The video does enhance the image of the pop star and is showing her in a positive way, it does this to gain respect from her fans and to put across the message about bullying. It is showing what is happening in school, and something should be done about it. ...read more.

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