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Analyse the C-Vit advert to show your understanding Of techniques used to create an effective magazine advert.

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Analyse the C-Vit advert to show your understanding Of techniques used to create an effective magazine advert. Advertisement plays a big part in our everyday lives; it's all around us; billboards, magazines, newspapers etc. The purpose of advertising is to promote and sell, the item in question. In this case a black current health drink. In this essay I am going to investigate, to see weather the C-Vit advert effectively uses different techniques to create an, effective magazine advert. The advert was founded in the Family Circle magazine, sold in supermarkets nation wide. ...read more.


The image can be interpreted in a number of ways, e.g. Glass or a brain. The text is positioned at the bottom of the page, underneath the main image. The heading is in bold, large font and is underlined to stand out from the rest of the text. The opening line is aims directly at parents with young children, as it appeals to health and vitamins. " Contains calcium and vitamins." It then goes on to state a list of vitamins it has in it, which looks, as impressive as a list of qualifications. ...read more.


" So if you're having trouble getting your children to eat their greens, why not use a straw. This slogan is offering a solution to a common everyday problem. The slogan is situated at the bottom of the page in small, bold letters. The purpose of the slogan is to summarise the important part of the text. The sub-image is positioned at the bottom right hand side of the page. Its purpose is to give the customer an idea of what they are buying. The advert uses techniques cleverly to create an effective magazine advert, which would inspirer many people to purchase it. William Whitehurst English Course Work ...read more.

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