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Analyse the Chronicles of Riddick film poster, using media technology and evaluating its success.

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Analyse the 'Chronicles of Riddick' film poster, using media technology and evaluating its success. The creator of the film 'Chronicles of Riddick' has a high aim for big commercial success. Making money is the number one priority. Universal Studios commissioned designers to produce an eye-catching poster; a poster which is persuasive to make an audience feel its dramatic effect of ambiguity, mystery and intrigue. It's essential for the poster to have a dynamic, vivid detail to 'lure' the audience into paying to watch the film. Universal Pictures use powerful colours to try to attract an audience into viewing the film. The colours consist of golds, yellows and blacks. These colours all contrast well to help create a sense of power. The colours are mostly behind the main character, highlighting his brawny muscles. The shaft of golden light graduating out of 'Vin Diesel,' shows a sense of vitality and hope in darkness- hinting of good changes for him. The illumination looks as though it's a force of good energy departing out of him, showing supremacy and power. ...read more.


The font and colour are laid out in sophisticated bold, gold coloured lettering; this suggests he is an Oscar-winning actor and, with his high profile name, it's sure to attract the audience's attention. Gold signifies quality and expensive stars. Names of other actors are at the bottom; this leaves readers questioning where the women are in the film, as there are not any appearing on the poster. The silver font used with the words, 'the chronicles of...' is old fashioned looking as if the metal is tarnished-old-mysterious-like weapons, what's more, there are other films that share the title name which start with 'The Chronicles of', so the font is made to look old fashioned and traditional. The tagline "all the power in the universe can't change destiny" is central and bronze, metal looking. It's ancient and cryptic. The chosen font is made to look all mysterious to create an enigma code. Also the wording of the font is arranged to look well-balanced but also, to come across as though the man is standing on a podium elevated upwards-to show importance. The character of 'Riddick' is located in the middle-centre of the page. ...read more.


These help persuade people in a different way. Universal Studios thinks that by incorporating the webpage address it will offer different dimensions and exciting possibilities such as clips, reviews, photos and or comments and blogs from directors and producers- as well as profiles of the actors. It allows the audience to actively enter into the world. Universal Studios purposely include their logo in the poster, to illustrate to the audience the quality of the film. The main two qualities are "soundtrack on varese sarabahale" and "Dolby Digital"; they are both well-known and brilliantly technical software that are highly persuasive and guarantee quality to the audience, so that they know not to expect low-budget sound. To conclude, I think that the poster is a great success. The powerful details make viewers feel intrigued about the film. The eye-catching, juxtaposition colours create an enigma code, along with the illustrations that make the audience feel a mysterious effect. The font styles and colours also defined the fact that the film is ambiguous and portrays an element of vagueness to the spectators. I think that the poster achieves its financial aim of attracting an audience into viewing the film. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jennifer-Lily Roach ...read more.

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