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Analyse the effectiveness of two car adverts, focusing on how they use safety as a feature.

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Analyse the effectiveness of two car adverts, focusing on how they use safety as a feature By Chelsey Cable I feel that the Hyundai advert is more effective at using safety as a feature. In this essay I will show how both adverts use safety as a feature but also how varying language, tone, layout can contribute to the effectiveness of the adverts. Images and "celebrity" opinions can also be used to trigger emotions or feelings. I feel that the target audience for the Saab would be for a family but where the male member wishes to have a car that is "cool" enough for his business trips. 'All five people inside could, in theory, get up and walk away'. The family need to feel completely safe in the car as crashes do happen; because if they didn't then safety wouldn't be used in adverts as much as it is. Also this advert must be aimed at people who are mature and intelligent. 'As Dorothy Parker might have said..." ...read more.


The picture at the top of the Hyundai advert pulls at your emotions to think of others and their families. The emotive message is that if you hit a child and it dies then your own life is ruined as well as the child's families. You can never remove the guilt of the lost life as the child was angelic and innocent, all it wanted to do was to go home and eat an ice-cream and you have ruined it- all of it. The picture is very blurred so that you can't even tell if the child is a boy or a girl but that means it relates much widely throughout the audience. This child needs protecting from everyone and almost everything, and as I feel that the audience addressed is mainly female, mothers should be there to do that. I feel that the layout of the Saab advert needs a lot of improvement. ...read more.


This child is shown as being angelic and innocent and so it needs protecting from everyone. The second picture is of the car- with no fancy background. Even though this advert is about the safety of others it is also quite selfish as "yes, it does stop you killing children," yet "you look great in it as well." The language and tone in the Saab advert is very proper and longwinded, 'transversely', 'energy-absorbing' or 'anchorage'. The words are also formal and complex like the examples just given. The language and tone for the Hyundai is more personal 'you've' and 'your.' Yet friendly at the same time. It really shows that this could happen to you, s if is going to happen to somebody there is no reason why it can't happen to you. I conclude that both car adverts use safety effectively but the Hyundai advert is more effective at drawing attention to the car and making it more personal as though they are talking to you directly. I think the Hyundai advert does this by the type of language they use, as it is emotive and personal. ...read more.

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