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Analyse the two magazine adverts, which do you think is more effective and why?

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Analyse the two magazine adverts, which do you think is more effective and why? Media is a very powerful method of communication with mass audience and has many different ways of presenting itself to people of all different ages. There are different purposes, which the media is used for; one of the most common uses of media is advertisement. Advertisements are the best technique of introducing new products to people. Adverts can be presented in many different ways such as TV, radio, newspapers or magazines. What I am going to be looking at, are two adverts from two different magazines, both adverts are on perfumes, I will be analysing the two adverts, which advertise similar products, this way we can look into different techniques used by advertisers to make their advert unique and therefore saleable. The ways that the two adverts are structured and presented are completely different, mainly because they are targeted to two different age groups. The first advert is showing a male relaxing on the beach with his child, they are smiling and appear happy, confident and relaxed. Colour is cleverly used in this advert, because basically the two main colours in the picture, which stand out the most, are green and blue, which represent tranquillity and calmness. ...read more.


The word " men" has been used in the name of the perfume this is just to emphasize on the masculinity of the perfume. The product that is being advertised is mentioned by picture and name. The picture of the product in its bottle can be seen at the bottom of the page, the reason for this is simply to introduce us to the shape and the looks of this product so if we see it somewhere, we go and buy it. This advert has a very unique feature which is quite effective and the reader can experience the smell of the perfume, by lifting a piece of paper attached to the advert which has the smell of the perfume on it, the reason that I believe this feature is an effective technique is because this is like handing out a free sample of the product to people and people get to use the product and if they like they will buy it. The second advert is addressed to a younger audience as we can tell from the colour and the way that the advert has been presented. In this adverts two perfumes; a male and a female version of the perfume from the same company are being advertised. ...read more.


There is no copy in the advert, the reason for this is because the target audience who are young people, don't usually read a lot and are more interested in looking at pictures rather than reading about something. The logo of the advert is just the name of the product written in capital letters, "DOLCE AND GOBBANA" the name is telling us about the two different male and female products by using a feminine and a masculine name. In the advert the word "parfums" which is the French for perfume has been used the reason for this is, that the French have always been associated with classy and fashionable looks and by using a French word the advertisers are emphasizing on the elegance of the perfumes. In my the opinion the second advert is more effective because first of all I think it is related better to the target audience and I reckon it's different approaches to emphasize on the product being chic is quite effective in terms of the target audience. Also the picture they have used in the advert is quite eye-catching this helps attract more readers. Shahrooz Mohammadi English coursework Ms Payne 1 ...read more.

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