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Analyse three text based advertisements.

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Analyse three text based advertisements I will be analysing three text based advertisements they are: * The class advert- Bocsh dishwasher * Herbal essences In my analysis, I will state exactly who the target audiences are and explain how the advertiser has used graphics and language to persuade the reader to buy the product. The first advertisement I will be analysing is the class advert, which is the bosch dishwasher advert. Name of product gender Age group class lifestyle Selling point Sourse of advert image Anymore information Class advert bosch Bosch dishwasher female 30-60 yrs AB families Its quiet The man The observer Modern Quiet lifestyles There is a stethoscope This grid shows you the target audience. ...read more.


The image is a modern, busy and quiet life style. In this advert the advertiser uses colour very well, they use light shades, a white logo on a red background, which makes the logo look bold and vibrant. The red is also used on the stethoscope which stands out on the white dishwasher. There is also a lot of modern silver in the kitchen. The advert has a very clear, there is a clear white dishwasher the clear outline of where the worktops starts after the dishwasher finishes. The outline of the red stethoscope on the white dishwasher, that outline is very clear. There is a instant impact on the white with the red and the silver on the red. You can tell the life style of the characters because of what's in the kitchen. ...read more.


The advert has an ability to grab and hold attention because of the red on white because it is bold there is also the oddness of a doctor being in a kitchen. The language in the advert has used no comparatives but there is only one superlatives, this is the worlds quietest. There is only one adjective in his advert and it is "new." There is no informal language and no imperatives this is because they are confident without them. The advert is suggesting that you can be modern and that you would also have a quiet life. The tone of the advert is modern and sophisticated in this advert the phrase "bosh logixx the quietest dishwasher in the world" is used twice in the advert because they want it to be exaggerated . ...read more.

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