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Analyse two adverts currently showing on T.V and say what image is created and what market is being targeted.

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English GCSE Coursework The Humberston School Media Assignment James Hutchinson Oct 2003 Within this coursework I will analyse two adverts currently showing on T.V and say what image is created and what market is being targeted. Television Advertisements are costing about �7 Billion every year and are aiming for people (viewers) to buy their manufactured goods which they are advertising. The adverts which are shown on TV all over the world are very clever and effective because they are always trying to find a way to beat other competitors. The first advert I have chosen to do my assignment on is the advert for Robinsons Original Orange Juice. The advert begins with a Long shot of the Embankment near the Houses of Parliament. The weather is a sunny day and the music is a young child nursery song played on a piano, the scene appears to show the little girls' grandma sat down giving a glass of orange to the little girl. (She is a young girl about the age of four looking very intelligent with plump cheeks and is dressed with white socks, a ribbon in her hair and a pretty dress.) ...read more.


They then have a voiceover saying 'Robinson's Original Now Has Five New Vitamins' which gets you to buy it just for that to make your children as intelligent as the little girl. Many drinks have vitamins but don't bother advertising them but for this one it is making viewers want their children to have the Robinsons Original for the vitamins. After that shot there is a boy with freckles and ginger hair stood near a hamster cage saying 'Grandad, when Goldie dies will he have to go to Devon' This quote is then followed by a medium shot of a hamster with wings and a sign saying 'Torquay and Falmouth' This is a scene with a background with a very bright blue background and some large clouds intended to be in the boys mind. This boy is mixing up Heaven and Devon, and is the same as that programme Michael Barrymore's 'Children Say the Funniest Things'. The screen shot is a medium close up and then on a sign in the sky saying 'Devon Place' and a hamster with wings. Then for the last shot it is a advertisement of the product which is Robinsons Original. ...read more.


How can I help you?' This person whom she is talking to is her husband. There is a shot at him which is a medium shot and he is wearing a green shirt and tie and also a wedding ring, so we realize that they are a married couple. He is on the phone and says 'Kay, Its me here........' He goes on about saving money with Scottish power and then all of a sudden there is a close up shot of the postcards on her desk which are of her friends holiday and then they morph into his old car to show you that all he thinks about is that. He says 'Well, we are saving money' And his wife says 'Yes' in a sarcastic sort of way. John says 'Well we are saving money' This phrase is used to win the argument-Proving they'll provide cheap bills so that you can go on holiday and do up your car. The woman looks annoyed but jokingly about this and she is nodding her head. There is a close up shot of the Scottish power logo and it says at the side of it 'We Cant Help But Help!' And she is laughing. They are trying to make you choose Scottish Power and they supply cheap prices for. They are aiming for couples about 20-30 years old and also a middle income group. ...read more.

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