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Analyse two leaflets of your choice. Compare the presentation content and language of each media text.

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Joe Rawson 22nd March 2004 Analyse two leaflets of your choice. Compare the presentation content and language of each media text. The media is everywhere. In your homes, in schools, in the workplace. It is very powerful in its influence. It can change peoples' lives and affect the way they think. The media is very versatile. It can be used for several purposes, from explaining things to persuading you to give money to charity or vote for a certain political party. In this essay I will compare two different media texts. They are both persuasive leaflets: the first trying to get you to chose to rent a McCarthy & Stone retirement apartment, the second is advertising hiking holidays in Ireland. The former of these leaflets came through my letterbox, and is aimed at retired pensioners. The latter, I got from a travel agency. It is aimed at 18-30 year old trekkers. I don't think one would find these leaflets anywhere else because they are very specific in both their aim and their target audience. A company called McCarthy & Stone, who rent out retirement apartments to the retired and elderly, made the first leaflet. ...read more.


All the colours used in the photograph are quite soft, natural colours suck as browns, yellows and reds. The walls are painted a very neutral beige colour, which allows the viewer to picture how the room would look if they lived there far easier. This photograph could almost be used to sell any kind of accommodation or furniture, yet works particularly well here because it portrays a very tranquil setting. The language is interesting in that it uses both formal and informal language, depending on what the company is trying to say. This could be very effective, but in this case it is poorly edited and sends out a very confused message. It uses quite a lot of persuasive vocabulary, and involves the audience very well, but still insufficiently. It concentrates a lot on a story about an old woman who has one of these homes. In honesty, no reader wants to read about the success this company achieved for another person - at least not to this extent. There are a couple of examples of superlative language, such as "highest" and "latest". One of my favourite pieces of language in this leaflet is an oxymoron that reads: "It all adds up to costing you less" This short sentence is very clever, because it is just ludicrous enough to get the reader to stop and think about what they are reading. ...read more.


The back is mostly blocks of writing, laid out in blocks under headings such as "Our Mission", and then descriptions of different holidays the company offers. The lower eighth is the small print. The language used is very informal, persuasive and superlative, but it is in my opinion slightly boring. It involves the audience well, but there isn't much to say for this leaflet when it comes to language. This leaflet would be very successful towards its target audience (which is stated in the small print, and is "17 - 35 year olds") but wouldn't get much interest for younger or older people because as they are trekking holidays, people over this age group may be physically unable to participate, and people under this age range may not be interested in walking for six days, just for the sake of walking, with no 'prize' or incentive. The informal style would appeal to the target audience. In this essay, I have compared two different leaflets, both advertising. They both would, in theory, be very effective at achieving their goals. I believe that the companies chose the leaflet as their selected form of media because it can reach many people; they are cheap to produce in mass and are effective at getting their message across. - 1 - ...read more.

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