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Analysing a TV advert - Comfort, the clothes washing liquid.

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Analysing a TV advert - Comfort, the clothes washing liquid The TV advert that I am going to analyse is advertising Comfort, the clothes washing liquid. This advert is very, very unusual. It is about a family made out of fabric, a little bit like rag dolls. I am going to analyse this advert shot by shot so it is easy to understand. The first shot is set in the bathroom of the 'Clothes family'. Little Lisa cloth is extremely upset that her boyfriend is leaving town for a little while. At the start of the advert she is standing in the bathroom looking extremely upset. Her mother then comes in. This first shot is a tracking shot as it moves with the mum as she enters the bathroom and walks forward to talk to her daughter. The set is the bathroom of the house and it is in fact very plain and minimalist. The bathroom is a simple cream colour but it looks as if this is made out of cloth, for the reason that it has stitches all around the edges of the whole room. I believe that the writers have created the bathroom to be this way so that the people stand out, as they are bright colours. ...read more.


She then shakes the girl lightly before showing her a small bottle of comfort. Lisa sighs in the way meaning that she will try anything. Shot four shows the girl pouring the comfort into her hands. The colours are practically the identical as before. The blue, which pours out of the bottle, suggests connotations of being light and refreshing. It appears to be cool and fresh and looks just like water. To film this, a close up shot has been used on the girls' hands. The pouring of the comfort is the only sound effect, however the music in the background is still playing. During this shot the narrator says, "Comfort gives fabric..." (The rest of the sentence is finished in the next shots). The next shot is a point of view shot. The mise-en-scene is the same as the others shots. The music in the background is the same throughout the advert as well. However in this shot there is also another sound effect of the liquid being rubbed into the hands of the girl. She rubs the Comfort into her hands as if it is a moisturiser. While this movement is occurring the narrator is explaining about the product, she says " that irresistible feeling..." ...read more.


These words are; TENDER LOVING COMFORT. TLC!!! The letters TLC stand for tender loving care. However the creators have used this well-known phrase and replaced the care with Comfort, the brand name of the product. This means that the product will be caring, and soft when used. The font of the letters is very simple and in capitals so it is easily readable. It also looks rugged and furry like cloth of fabric. The last shot is set back outside the house, where the couple are still standing their hugging. Lisa then says in a fed up sort of way, "Darren you're creasing me now!" Once this phrase is said the Mother appears on the screen from behind the door. She looks at the couple in an 'I told you so' look. This is a shot reverse shot looking into the house from the road, onto the girls face and her Mother. I think that this advert is very clever. It gives the connotations that the product will basically make clothes feel fresh and cool without damaging them in any sort of way. I like the way that the writers have used people made out of clothes and that the comfort is used like a moisturiser to make the clothes soft. The comment about the creasing at the end of the advert is also quite funny. The music throughout the advert is light and bouncy. It makes the advert seem bubbly and lively. ...read more.

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