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analysing adverts and misrepresenting of groups in British meda

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DENOTATION: Picture 1: A white background, in this background I see a white woman sitting on a brown wooden chair she's wearing black trousers and a black long sleeve shirt. She's sitting with her right foot raised on the chair; her right hand is leaning at the side of her head as well as resting on her elbow on her knee. She has short brunette hair reaching down to her neck. Her left leg is on the floor but not completely, I noticed she's wearing no shoes her left hand is resting on her knee cap. She has a smile on her face. Above this picture it's written boldly in capital letter with a black ink; "IT'S NOT YOUR HAIR. IT'S NOT YOUR CAR. IT'S NOT YOUR PERFUME. At the bottom of this picture it's also written not boldly but in a capital letter still; IT'S YOUR WATCH THAT SAY MOST ABOUT WHO YOU ARE. At the bottom of all this I can see a silver watch with a round face, the time says 10 past 10. The 12 and 6 of this watch is in a numeric form. At the right side of the watch I see a line under this line it's written with a black ink; VIVACE EIGHT DIAMOND DIAL. FROST FINISH BRACELET. FIVE BAR WATER RESISTANT. Underneath all this it's written boldly in capital letter; SEIKO www.seiko.co.uk 01628770988 CONNOTATION: looking at all this pictures In a white background, its interpreted simplicity to me, because most advert have seen contains of colours but this picture is simple and elegant, elegant in the sense of dressing. Looking at the lady all in black business like with no shoes on and her right leg lifted in a comfortable position, ...read more.


The image of the girl in this picture degrade women in the society as t Image 2 describes a white girl in a black trench coat and black boots. What I understand from this text is that this image is put together in order to convince females that buying their clothes from this brand will make them as pretty and sexy as this lady. In other words this advert is trying to convince females that they have everything that will make them look attractive. Looking at the woman on the bed as "THE WIFE", a woman who has a husband, a wife has such possesses rights and this is liable to obligation. This will be considered first, she may want to purchase a share for her own benefit but she has to ask for her husband's permission first, the woman on this bed looks helpless to me, it looks like she's being ask to remain on the bed till she's ask otherwise because she is under an obligation to love, honour, respect her husband regardless of anything. If she act with freedom she may be punished. Looking at the other picture at the other lady "THE MISTRESS" mistress the opposite of a wife, a woman who has power, authority, or ownership, a woman other than wife with whom a married man continuing sexual relationship with. Men have mistress for their enjoyment and wife for the bearing of legitimate offspring because wives are not for enjoyments neither is mistress bearing any offspring, have and perhaps wives have a degree of respect but only as the bearers of legitimate offspring. On the other hand the mistress choose to live outside and undermine the institute of marriage because they fill in the place but ...read more.


Even for disabled people, factual TV and Radio are the second most important source of information about disability after personal experience. There have being a lot of roles in the movies where they had to use a disabled person to take the role, what I notice is this: they don't actually use a disabled person to take that role they prefer the able ones. I feel they are being discriminated. Their key concern is that the media does not portray disabled people's normal lives. Other criticisms are that portrayal of disabled people is patronising and demeaning and that people hardly ever appear in TV and Radio programmes Direct discrimination: it occurs when a person is treated less favourably than others on the grounds of the person's disability. The disability discrimination act 1995 also makes it unlawful to unjustifiably against a person in any work or education activity because of his/her disability. This act is form to alert us of equal opportunities practices and help us not to discriminate unfairly. The readers for sun newspapers mainly are the males' age between 18-35 and mainly British, the working class ones, reason because sun newspaper content attract the males alone .i.e. sports, politics, female naked scene. Females are not really interested in all this content, so majority of them don't read sun newspaper. Women alone have access to women's magazines, women between the ranges of 21-35 reasons because the content of women's magazines concentrates mainly on the female world which has nothing to do with the men. Gleaner newspaper is a black society paper concentrating mainly on blacks. The reader of gleaners varies black men and women read but mainly Jamaicans people because Gleaner is a cultural and traditional newspaper for black people. The fact that only certain people have access to some certain newspaper brings about diversity and access implies greater qualities. ...read more.

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