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Analysing Adverts - Maybelline

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The picture of the person in the advert is a young lady, probably around her early 20's. She has a clear complexion, neat eyebrows, wide brown eyes, straight white teeth and nice shiny lips with the product on. The product being sold is "Fruity Jelly lip gloss". The expression on her face looks happy and pleased. Her eyes are looking to the side towards the logo of the product which draws more attention to it. The lady in the adverts names is Josie Maron; I've seen her in quite a few magazines for Maybelline so she is probably the lip model for that company. Her eyes are bright to show the excitement for the new product. You wouldn't know where the place is set because the background is white; this makes it look clear and doesn't make it look too busy. Also in the background the different flavors are dotted around with the colour of what the gloss will be for that flavor. ...read more.


It also uses alliteration, 'fruity flavor'. This is to make them words stick in your mind. It also makes it fun to read, bit of a tongue twister. It uses a hyperbole, it is, 'get fruity'. This is like a slogan for this advert because they've got it in quite bold. It's telling you to get fruity but the lip gloss won't really change you. It's an order rather then a suggestion, it's telling you to get fruity and buy the lip gloss, not just asking you to. It uses emotional appeal by putting a picture of a lady on it with a big smile on her face. She looks delighted to be wearing the lip gloss and her eyes look in amazement towards the name of the product/product logo. The mise-en-scene includes the picture of the lady with a happy expression on her face, her hair is tied back, and this is probably to take the attention away from it because it's her face they want us to see. ...read more.


The shot used is close-up; this is used on the face so you can see what the lip gloss looks like on your lips. You might see this advert pm the back of a magazine. This advert doesn't really tell you a story but it tells you to buy the lip gloss. The overall message given is if you buy this product you'll get fruity! It uses a stereo type of girls liking pink because the advert has a lot of pink on to attract girly girls. The ideas given by this advert are your lifestyle will change and you'll have fruity glossy lips. The advert suggests this but it doesn't mean your lips will necessarily look like they do on the model. Overall I think I like this advert and it uses lots of good techniques. Through seeing this advert I would probably go and buy this lip gloss, mostly because it's a well known make and it's known as a good make and it looks nice. It's also nice and small so you can fit it in your pocket etc. ...read more.

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