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Analysing an advert

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Analysing an advert This advert is trying to sell its product, shower gel, to a youngish female audience. The advert comes from a young girls magazine, called "Sugar", which is aimed at teenagers. The background of the advert is white and the images on the advert are either dark or bright so they stand out on the page. There are 2 photographs of the product but they're different scents. The advert is A4 size and the images of the shower gel take up most of the page. This is to make them stand out and grab the reader's attention. They also stand out because the bottle's are dark green and bright green which contrast against the white background. The diagrams of the shower gel bottles are the most prominent features of the advert. This suggests that they are trying to grab the reader's attention by the bright contrasting colours. ...read more.


However, the image of the bottles is much larger. The image altogether takes up more of the page than the text does and therefore grabs the reader's attention more easily. I chose this advert because it stood out and appealed to me. This was done by the use of the coloured headings and clever imagery. The logo is part of the image and its brand name. It suggests positive aspects because of the name "Original Source" which gives the illusion that all the ingredients used in the shower gel comes from its original source and that its not man made or fake. The three slogans "Come Alive", "A wildly different wake up call", and " No synthetic perfumes. No nonsense" stand out and grab the reader's attention; the slogan "No synthetic perfumes. No nonsense" is in short snappy sentences to stand out. It is highlighted green because green is an environmentally friendly colour and would also suggest that the product is natural. ...read more.


It does this by highlighting certain words and phrases in green capitals, such as "refreshing" and "natural, pure essential oils". These back up the slogans and give the impression that they're natural. The words that are highlighted are in capitals to stand out and are also enlarged. They're highlighted green which is an environmentally friendly colour and also gives the impression the product is natural while attracting the reader's attention at the same time. The text relates to the picture because it repeats a little of what is said on the bottle but using different words to imply the same thing. The small text at the bottom of the page gives more details of the product while implying the same thing as the other larger text and the images. Some of the small text gives details of the different scents available and the price of each bottle. The advert achieves its aim of persuading the its potential audience to buy the product by the colours, phrases and imagery used. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marie Payton ...read more.

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