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Analysing and comparing a charity advertisement to a commercial advertisement

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Analysing and comparing a charity advertisement to a commercial advertisement Advertising is a way to get the product across to the audience, by selling the company's ideas and information to the audience, whether the company do it in a sympathy way or a thrilling way, either way they want you to buy it or help give money. In this essay I will be writing about the similarities and differences in a charity advert and a commercial advert. Adverts makes the audience want to buy it or help give money. By doing this the advert has to be eye catching. An eye catching advert is an excellent way to get your attention and that is what makes an advert sell. Adverts are an everyday thing; you see it in newspapers, magazines, bill boards, trains, buses, taxies, TV adverts, literally everywhere. This effects everyday life as it makes more people want to buy products even if you do not need it. For example when you have a reasonably good mobile but then you see an advert which advertises the latest mobile, it makes you want to buy it because it makes you think it is so much more better. In my essay I will compare and contrast a commercial advert to a charity advert, by looking at what they both are selling and where the advert came from. ...read more.


As this makes the reader feel like the reader can help Anamika if the reader gave money. The tone of the languages is serious; as the copy is serious the text is formal. The copy is simple, long and informative. The copy uses negative connotations at first such as 'died', 'bust' and 'manual scavenger'. These words are distressing and make you think how easy we have it. However then the language changes and has a positive connotation in the next paragraph when the advertisers explain what happens when you give money for example could, help, learn, earn, safe, shelter, community, chance. These words make you think how much of a difference this can help. The copy uses personal pronouns such as 'you could ...' as this makes the text look likes it written to you. They use absolute such as small, as this makes you think you only need to give a small amount, to help. There are opinions and facts, it mentions 'a small gift from you could make a big difference to her' we actually don't know if it will make it a big difference. The facts shown are based what upon would happen on how much money you give, and when they explain what action aid is. The writer used a rhetorical question as 'who is action aid?' this makes you get involved as you might not know. ...read more.


I think this charity advert is aimed at people with a good income as �10 a month is not cheap. This will mean an age with a steady job will be required the age will be around over 25. The copy goes to both genders male and female, as they will get more money for this. The commercial advert represents it message in a very dramatic way, as highlighted by the use of words, and imagery. The advert is asking you to colour your hair. The charity advert is also represents its message in a very dramatic way, as highlighted by the use of text. The text asks you to give money or a gift. Overall looking at the two adverts, there is a large amount of thought which makes an advert. There are many differences between the two adverts. The commercial advert makes you feel happy and cool. The charity advert makes you feel depressed and uneasy. This affected my opinion, as I did not like feeling depressed, the other advert made me want to buy the advert as it was exciting. I think the image was the most successful in the commercial advert, as it made me fell like to buy the product. Overall the 'LIVE' product did make me want to buy it, as I'm stereotypical, so I would like to look like that. The charity advert on the other hand did not make me wont to help out, as it looked like a scam, especially with �10 a month! ...read more.

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