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Analysing and comparing two advertisements - Both of the adverts refer to cars and have been taken from a magazine.

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Qasim Niaz MEDIA COURSEWORK In this essay I will be analysing and comparing two advertisements. Both of the adverts refer to cars and have been taken from a magazine. For both the adverts I will be discussing aspects including the sort of audience it is preferable for, the price which is important feature of an advert. The colours used in the adverts to make them brighter, more appealing and more attractive. The next point I will be discuss is the sort of language used in the adverts to describe them. I will also information given about the products in the advert to analyse them. Finally I will be including the layout, originality, cool factor and overall effectiveness to conclude my analysis section. For comparison of the two adverts, I will be discussing the similarities and differences the adverts have. I will also explain my own reaction to each of the adverts, giving reasons for my opinions including quotes from the actual advertisements. Finally I will conclude my essay by making a decision about which of the two adverts will create most interest in the public. The first advert I am going to analyse is about a car. The name of the car is Yaris and the company's name is Toyota. ...read more.


It has given the prices according to the versions of the car. One of the colours of the car has been shown and there the warranty is also given. The telephone number of the company and the website is also provided making it easier for the audience to get more details about the given product. The method of payment and the place to buy the product has not been provided. The advert is made more fictional as it is showing a big whale diving in a bath tub. This is the only scene which grabs the audience attention. The car is being related with the product. The aim of the scene is to show that the car which is quite small from outside is deceptively spacious; it is like a whale fitting comfortably into a bath tub, you won't believe how spacious it is. The layout of the advert is in a perfect position as the main feature of the product shown in the form of an image is right in the middle, dominating the page. The advert is quite effective for the viewers as the creator has achieved the aim with his ideas that have described the main feature of the product. The second advert I am going to analyse is about a car as well. ...read more.


If the heading describing the main feature of the product would have been on the left of the page the layout would have been an improved one, as the reader will tend to glance from the left page to the right because in English we read from left to the right. The main aim of the creator was to promote the main feature of the car, i.e. safety which has been quite effective. The car is the product in both of the adverts. Both of the cars are small in size and the given colour is same in the adverts. The creators of both the adverts have concentrated more on the products main feature. The level of the language is similar in the adverts. The prices, telephone numbers and the website addresses of both dealers of the cars have been provided in the adverts. The logos of the cars have been shown make them more recognizable. The two products in the adverts are produced and advertised by two different companies. Both of the products are looking different in design and outlook. The appealing pictures of the adverts are different. The colours used in the adverts are different for their own purpose. Both of the adverts are describing about their main feature of the cars but one is talking about spaciousness and the other is talking more about safety. One company has mentioned warranty on the product and the other hasn't. ...read more.

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