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Analysing CD covers - Mika, Aerosmith and my own CD cover.

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Analysing CD covers The two CD covers are very different when comparing and analysing the visual images and information available. Both the CD covers have many images, colour, including the artists name and the name of actual CD album. The 'Mika' cover is very colourful and has used lots of different animated cartoon images. In the middle of the cover is the name of the artist (MIKA) which is written in very large, bold text. This will make it stand out and be more noticeable to buyers when placed in the middle of many other CD's. Moreover the graffiti shadow gives more texture to the artist name. Among all the images the most eye-catching is the artist's name since it is in the centre of the cover. It appears to be coming out of the picture towards you. The colour is white which stands out and the shadows are a range of different colours, again making 'Mika' more obvious to the target audience. There are a wide range of patterns for example, circles, thunder clouds, vehicles, flowers, birds, a rainbow and 'animated' pictures including machine cogs. I think this gives us clues about the genre of music this CD belongs to. The use of bright colours help to express to you that the music will also be quite bright and light. The other thing I have noticed is that on the back cover the tracks are related each of the pictures. ...read more.


The artist gives information about their thoughts relating to their new songs. The target audiences for 'Mika' are mainly people age 20 and above, who listen to soft music and want to relax or want peace. Whereas, the 'Aerosmith' album is mainly for teenagers and young adults age 14 above and for most people who are of a rebellious and loud nature who like to listen to heavy metal. Young people who are looking to find their own identity may find this genre of music is suitable for them. Overall, I think 'Mika' is the best CD cover because it has used very colourful background and it is neat and easier to see and understand the pictures and what they represent. The tracks are very much related to society. However, the 'Aerosmith' CD has a background colour that is all black and it is not clear to see. I think Mika cover is the best one mainly because I do not like the heavy metal genre and I do not like gloomy, dark colours where the information is difficult to read and understand. Plus, different people have different choices of music so it's important that the CD covers relate to the music you wish to buy. Promoting my own band My band's name is called "Wonder Girls". There are three member named Yumiko and Sasa, who are the backing vocalists and dancers. Stella, the third member, is the main vocalist. All three are young and beautiful, aged from 19 to 23. They are very popular worldwide. ...read more.


Evaluation For my CD Cover I had to design a CD album for a new artist. I decided to do this for a new singer called Sara Lee, who's album is 'out now'. Her tracks mainly features sad, love songs which relates a lot to what teenagers go through today. Her CD album cover is very simple and has lots of animated pictures. Sara Lee's music is of the pop genre. This is because of the tracks of the album and it's simplicity of the background colours. It has used lots of feminine colour effects to give more texture and to make it stand out in a group of other CD's. Also the colours used are all bright to make it more dramatic and noticeable for the audiences to recognise. The colours also reflect her image and her body language. For this album the target audiences are everyone who listens to pop music especially teenagers and young adults, this is because the tracks mainly features love songs and this kind of music is mostly listened to by teenagers who are girls. Many teens girls listen to pop songs because they want to feel relaxed or they want help expressing their feelings towards love. It will fit in well with the current market because it has got all the demand needs for what people want to listen to and the tracks are quite similar to the current hit songs by other female singers so I think it will be a very positive start and hopefully successful in the current market. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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