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Analysing Magazine Adverts.

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Media Coursework: Magazine Adverts Adverts appear everywhere in the mass media from newspapers and magazines, billboards, to the cinema. Adverts are aimed at a target audience to persuade them to buy new products. The target audience is the group of people that the adverts are aimed at. Sometimes these can be world-wide, huge numbers of people right down to a very select niche group but, all adverts have the same aim: to sell the public products. I have selected two adverts from the same magazine, Cosmopolitan; both are perfume adverts aimed at women. In this essay I will comment upon the differences between to seemingly very similar magazine adverts and how they both reach their target audience. Both adverts rely heavily on colour to grab the audience's attention. 'So You' uses a bold, bright orange which is very individual and eye catching. Combined with the use of gold, the advert is very luxurious but unique. The women in the advert reflect the mood of the room too, they are attractive and look rich; just like the room. Their clothes are individual but expensive looking. To play on the theme of luxury combined with the slightly insane, the two main objects in the room are the golden harp and an orange zebra. ...read more.


'Giorgio Beverly Hills' tell this to the audience very simply, as even though the target audience is adult women, anyone could see this advert, such as children, and understand that it is a new product. The 'T-girl' advert also uses the name of the perfume to frame the advert but uses just one slogan to inform the audience that the perfume is new and to, entice them to buy it. Again alliteration is used as the word 'tempting', 'Tommy' and 'T-girl' are all on the page but the product just like the model's pose aims to tempt the audience to buy the product. The fragrance is described as 'tempting', and Tommy Hilfiger aims to tempt you to buy his product by using this one simple word. The simplicity of this advert is again shown as no over fussy slogan is used. The copy on the adverts, again, shows the different aims of the adverts, both are aimed at very similar aged women but one uses a simple slogan to tempt the audience and the other is more brass, by challenging the women reading it. Not only does the copy indicate the target audience, and responses the companies want from them, the type-style has been thought about careful to attract potential buyers. ...read more.


But they cleverly challenge the audience making this lifestyle seem fun and desirable, trying to unlock a women's flamboyant side, and more importantly, make it accessible even to women who feels very plain. They even tell the audience, this 'look' is 'So you'. I think both adverts achieve what they set out to do. 'So you' really makes you feel you could live this luxurious, fun life if you bought their perfume. The bold orange and wacky props are eye-catching and very different and provoke a need for change in a woman's life that does not involve golden harps and orange zebras. As ridiculous as the advert may seem by the end of it, you feel an urge to find something radical to do and say 'so' what to the world and this is a very powerful feeling for many women to feel in a male dominated world. The simplicity of the 'T-girl' advert makes it successful, you immediately aspire to be this women and it is made to feel like it is very easy to do so. Everything about the advert is tempting and I think the advert persuades women in to thinking if they wear this perfume they will not only be tempting to the opposite sex but, also, idolised by other women. Again, like the 'So you' advert, it gives women a sense of power but this time more approachable and easier to achieve. Katharine Evans 11.1 ...read more.

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