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Analysing the success of Coca Cola through Advertising.

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Sehreen Riaz 10A/DA 22nd November 2000 Analysing the success of Coca Cola through Advertising The most loved and successful soft drink no doubt is coke. It remains well known throughout the world. Coca Cola has appealed to many different cultures as well as appealing to a wide range of ages as a result of the company's careful planning in their advertising of the product. This is due to the fact that no matter what the people in the advertisement are doing, the advert portrays them enjoying themselves. Talking on the phone or jus sitting down by the window reading a book are things that young people regard as being boring or some how 'un cool' but in the adverts these everyday activities are shown with the addition of the drink. This consequently illustrates to the audience that the drink automatically transforms the boring and dull to being really enjoyable. This message that is conveyed through Coco Cola's advertisements implies that no matter what personality or what ever kind of lifestyle someone has drinking cola boosts their confidence as well as allowing them to get pleasure from every day activities that are considered as being dull and dreary. ...read more.


Red as well as creating a sense of energy, is associated with Coca Cola. When red is detected in an advert it is straight away linked to Coke. Despite the fact that Coca Cola can be recognised just from its colour, the advertisements all contain both product and logo along with a very short slogan. The slogan is written using bouncy, energetic, free-flowing letterings. This is done, as the advertisers want the above qualities to be associated with their product. Even the people featured in the magazine advertisements are showed when drinking Coca Cola with their backs curved or in some way another relaxed. The products name-Coca Cola is high and is placed on top of the page in magazine adverts indicating the importance of it. It is again curved into a flexible shape. The slogan is very small and very short "You can't beat the feeling" "Coke is it!" It is placed on the bottom right hand corner. This identifies that the advertisers are trying to persuade people to buying the product through emotive pictures and not words which prove to be the most effective as evidence is shown. When observing television advertisements for Coca Cola I found that all the people whether they were alone or with someone seemed to be enjoying themselves. ...read more.


The music used is so full of life that it makes anyone who is listening to it want to get up and start dancing. It is lively, energetic and most important of all draws attention. The words to the tune are very easy to remember as they are mainly repeating the slogan. Because the tune is really catchy the song is easily remembered and sticks in the mind. The tune that is sung gas an American accent which attracts, appeals to people more as it is a change from their own accents. Overall in conclusion I feel that Coca Cola's success throughout the world is mainly due to it's advertising campaign as it is the advertises that portray that by buying Coca Cola it will not only get rid of your thirst but will be giving you the confidence, energy, and a perfect lifestyle you want. It also implies that not only will you be buying Coke but you will be buying the 'American Dream'. Advertisement is one of the main reasons that Coco Cola has been so successful as the adverts allow people to identify the product easily. The advert helps attract consumer attention as they are bright, relaxing and most important of all they all show Coco Cola's logo so people are able to recognise it easily. ...read more.

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