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Analysing tv adverts

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Naimah Akthar 10.5 Analysing Television Adverts Product...impulse tease........................... Production Company.............................. What is the target audience for the advert? How do you know? It's for young adults (women and teenagers) - because all the ladies in the advert are between aged 20-25 and themselves are spraying onto their body. What needs is the advert playing on? How? * Attention-because all the ladies want the man attention by spraying onto their body * Prominence * Dominant Is this a narrative advert (telling a story) or is it meant to simply give us an impression of the product? The advert is giving the target audience an impression of the product. When the deodorant sprays, it naturally talks itself saying it's great and wants to be used. Shots and Angles What kinds of shots are the most common? Why? Close up-to see the actual deodorant and the woman's in the advert. Mid shot-to see the impulse tease background and the man. The split screen makes it more effective and standing out because you can see two scenes at once and the actors expressions. ...read more.


The man is around 22-26 The man wears casual clothes-light blue shirt over a white top, blue denim jeans. They all are white. What sorts of things are people doing? Why these actions? The ladies are spraying and the deodorant is travelling to women to women and the man follows. The man gets distracted because of the spray. Teasing him and making the man run around and follow the ladies. Editing How many cuts (changes of shot) are there in the advert? How many per second? What is the effect of this? There are 31cuts, at least 2 per second. The effect is that it's a catchy advert with fast cuts to make it livelier to the target audience. Does the pace of the cuts change? When and why? The pace of the cuts goes fast when the man is running around because of the smell. But then again the pace goes kind of slow at the beginning when the 1st lady introduces the deodorant. What interesting contrasts/juxtapositions do you notice in the advert? ...read more.


They have used this type of song especially for young adults whereas if it was a old song it wouldn't catch the target audience. What is the pace of the music? Does the pace change? Why? The pace of the music is fast because the cuts are fast as well. They have made the song fast because it doesn't want to be old and boring fro young adults. What effect do the words of the song have on the audience? The first part of the song says (Push it, ohhh baby). The song is from 'salt and pepper'. This has an effect because the ladies desire the man attention. Does it work? How effective do you think the advert is? Explain your answer. It is really effective because they have used the kind of music that young adults like and the type of clothes as well. They have also used different types of clothes for each woman to make it eye-catching. Also the type of colours and the pace of cuts making it fast and using colours that suits the product which is Impulse tease. ...read more.

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