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Analysing two advertisements from magazines.

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Advertising In this Essay I will be analysing two advertisements from magazines. I have chosen adverts that are both aimed at teenagers, as this is the biggest market, and the one companies make most money from. As I am a teenager I can identify with the target audience and therefore decide whether the adverts successfully target their audiences. The two adverts I choose to analyse were very different; although they were both aimed at the same target audience, they used different persuasive techniques to attract and convince their audience to buy their product. We live in a capitalist society; all the time products are being sold to us through all the different media; like television, radio and magazines, it is the easiest way of marketing a new product and targeting a specific audience. We are constantly being told to buy products, our main industry relies on advertising and without it would not be able to sell and market products. The advertising companies have a symbiotic relationship with all the other media; they are dependent on each other and the advertising company wouldn't be able to make money if they had no clients, so they rely on every part of the advertising market to attract the consumers. I chose an advert for Secret Weapon Lip gloss. ...read more.


The main anchorage this advert uses to promote it is the slogan, it is telling the readers that if they wear Secret Weapon makeup people will be jealous of them and then they will want to buy it for themselves, The advertisers have made it funny so it keeps the product alive in people's minds. They remember the words and then think of the advert and then 'Secret Weapon'. The advert is set in a night club with lights, pictures, a DJ and a silver pillar, there is a marble bar were the models are sitting. Both of the female models have necklaces; one has earrings and the other has a hair clip. All of the male models in the photo are wearing shirts, one is holding a glass, and he has a watch on. The main model has a red boob tube on and she has a sparkly silver bag, the other has a more dull looking dress on. There is a tube of Secret Weapon lip gloss on the bar which the main model is obviously wearing; she is smiling in a quietly self-satisfied way and she has large, open blue eyes and long blond hair. The other woman has brown hair and eyes which seem to be closed because she is looking down; she is obviously unhappy. ...read more.


case it was Sugar which attracts a readership of eleven to sixteen year olds making it guaranteed to be seen by the audience the advertisers were aiming for. Over all I think the advert is successful and effective in targeting it's audience because it uses celebrity idols to sell the product, I personally would not buy the product because the advert does not make me remember it and if I was reading a magazine I would probably skip past it because it does not stand out. The Secret Weapon advert used humour to attract their audience whereas the Color Trend advert used celebrities, also the Secret Weapon advert had a story behind it unlike the Color Trend advert; this meant that the message was more interesting and it did not rely on the influence of celebrities to sell their product. In my opinion this made Secret Weapon more successful in targeting its audience as it was able to target a wider range of teenagers; not everyone likes pop music, or has different individual tastes and so those who don't identify with Atomic Kitten would not be interested if they loved Color Trend make-up or not, and the advert would not influence them to buy the product: there is also the risk that people who actually dislike the celebrities used would be biased against the product by its association with them. ...read more.

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