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Analysing Two Print Adverts - Very Hollywood Perfume by Michael Kors, and Shockwaves hair gel

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´╗┐Analyse 2 print adverts. How effective are they in selling their product? The two adverts that I have chosen to analyse are Very Hollywood Perfume by Michael Kors, and the Shockwaves hair gel advertisement. The first advert has a target audience of females in their early 20?s - late 30?s. A LS shot shows a white woman in her early 20?s wearing a gold dress. She has blonde hair and is wearing matte pink lipstick. Hermakeup appears to be professionally done although it is simple, not dramatic. Her gold dress and jewellery contrast to her surroundings which is a red carpet event with a predominantly red and black colour scheme. ...read more.


All of the people in the frame are looking towards her which makes her the centre of attention. This emphasises the stereotypical ?Hollywood? dream and highlights an aspect of glamour. In the bottom right of the frame there is the pack shot, copy, product and brand name. A lot of the women in the target audience would aspire to have fame, beauty and be the centre of attention. As these women may also be looking for a partner, it suggests that if you use it you will also receive attention from attractive males. The Shockwaves advert has a target audience of males from the ages of 20?s - late 30?s. ...read more.


At the bottom there is the pack shot, slogan and copy and brand name at the top. The slogan says ?Style. Attract. Play? in block white capitals. This makes it stand out from the backgroundand emphasises it. It is a witty statement that suggests that once you use the product to ?Style? your hair you can ?Attract? women and ?Play?. In this context ?play? represents something of a flirty or sexual nature. I think that the Very Hollywood advert is more effective in selling their product as a large majority of the audience would want to be like the model. The Shockwaves advert is also effective in targeting its audience, but a theme of partying and sex may not appeal to some. ...read more.

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