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Analysis of a Leaflet that has been published by the NHS in order to help people stop smoking.

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GIVING UP FOR LIFE * Find an advertisement or a leaflet that interests you. * Write a short account of what your text is saying. * Discuss how language is used to attract and keep your attention. * Discuss how pictures are used to attract and keep your attention. * How successful was the text at persuading you? This leaflet has been published by the NHS in order to help people stop smoking. The leaflet is presented like a book with a page by page account of what to do next. The leaflet starts off by taking about the health benefits of stopping smoking. It gives a list. There is also something called the 'cycle of stopping'. It is like an order on how to stop. The whole leaflet is based upon a type of course to stop smoking. ...read more.


The leaflet talks about how some people stop smoking and methods which are available such as the 'Cold Turkey' method, the 'Cutting down' method and other treatments. They give you some idea on how to get your mind off cigarettes and how to plan for the actual quit date. You have to make a quit date. There is also a 'Quit date planner'. There is also information on help lines which are available 24 hours a day. Professional and qualified people are on call to help you whenever you need it. The next section is about Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). NRT products are designed to help you stop smoking without also having withdrawal symptoms. The following two pages show the NRT products which are available. The pictures are displayed brightly in full colour. There is a page on stress management which is also a factor concerning smoking. ...read more.


Most of the boxes which are drawn are drawn in a dotted line. If you look on the front cover of the booklet, there is a cigarette. It is outlined in a dotted line. In page 3 of the leaflet, there is a detailed graph. When some people read a piece of text, there are some people who like taking in just the evidence. In page 24, there is a broken cigarette. This picture is trying to express the emotion that someone has 'quit'. There is a picture on page 29 which quite reflected the mood. If I was a smoker who wanted to quit, then I would go for this leaflet. I absolutely love it. The way they designed it was marvellous. There is even a contents page. The layout and format of the leaflet of the leaflet is extremely easy to understand. The pictures also help to visualise the situation. The words they use are friendly and interesting and not boring. A boring leaflet puts people off! 1 Robi Al-Amin Chowdhury 02/05/2007 MEDIA STUDIES ...read more.

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