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Analysis of Adverts

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Analysis of Adverts The first advert is of 'L'Oreal', is evidently publicizing an item for coloured hair. It is a famous and an eminent company, that aims to sell its' wide range of products to women who are sophisticated, intellectual and interested in fashion, and who also probably have a high disposable income. The brand name takes up about 15% of the advert, which highlights its importance. 'L'OREAL' is written in large bold, block letters so as to familiarize the customer with the brand name immediately. The capital city, 'Paris' is written on the bottom line of 'L' in 'L'OREAL' and underneath the brand is the term 'PROFESSIONNEL', bold and white against a jet black background. It is spelt in French which again, emphasizes the significance of the country it originates from, and in this case, France. France is known to be the capital of cosmetics and beauty. The company is clearly shining light onto this fact so customers are more encouraged and lured on to buy the item. Below is the phrase "The greatest hairdressers use a unique hair care system for colored hair". It is in bold and is spaced out across the page, taking up two entire lines. This is done to catch the customer's eye. "Greatest" and "unique" add to the effect and persuade the customer that their products are indeed the best, and one of their kind. ...read more.


The woman's lips are glossy with a dark, mysterious coppery color, and seem to be the only noticeable feature on the page as her eyes and most of her nose is covered by her hair that is lightly draped around her head and neck. The models hair is long, sleek and glossy, almost mesmerizing the reader at such beauty. The theme of sexuality is quite apparent in this piece of advert, as the lips and neck, both being features of sexual arousement, are clearly emphasized by being a darker shade than the rest of her body. The colors of her hair are various shades of brown, displaying a variety of colours for the customer to choose from. Light is also reflected from the hair making it seem even more shimmering and stunning. The skin is toned a light, yet effective bronze which glows through the beauty of the models skin. The aim of the image is to attract customers to buy the product and the advert is successful in doing so, the reason being that the product has conveyed that the product will not only improve your hair but also your overall image, which in turn pushes your status up a level, leaving you more acceptable and wanted in society and therefore, persuading the customer to buy the product. ...read more.


We can only see half his face, neck and shoulders which adds to the notion that he is a mysterious, secretive man. The colors he is wearing are rich and vibrant; suggesting the person wearing them is a bit of an enthusiast. His hair is uncut and fashionably long. It is coloured a dirty blonde, this shows that the model is modern, which confirms the customers notion that he has a sense of fashion when it comes to choosing phones and so this will not make the customer hesitate when buying the phone. He is also smiling a sly smile, which suggests that he is quite pleased with the phone. His eyes are also a light shade which adds to the color. The way he is smiling, also sort of creates a sense of easiness and it seems as if he has an air of superiority about himself. Both of the adverts are victorious when aiming at certain target groups to buy a specific product. There are pictures of models in each of the adverts, which make them seem more real. The use of colors, fonts, different shades and powerful vocabulary in both adverts, all put weight onto the persuasion on the customer to buy the merchandise. The brand is always clearly presented and important information is always bought to the reader and so this is why I came to believe that both adverts are successful in advertising and selling their products to their own specific target groups with the use of various different techniques. Samreen Azim ...read more.

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