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Analysis of an Audi car advert.

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Advertising is a media form which aims to seek huge influence over it's audience in order to sell the product that they are promoting. Advertising is a complicated and extremely difficult business where many different people have to work long and hard in order that the viewer wishes to purchase their product once he has seen it. Adverts are made in advertising agencies and one advert usually takes around a month until fully finished. The advertiser has to take in account many different types of questions such as: What audience to aim for? What type of advertising to use? Where to place the adverts to reach the right audience? And how to sell the product to the desired effect? Advertising can be found almost everywhere. Television, radio, public transport, billboards to name a few. However an advert isn't just put on television for no reason. Advertising agencies have to consider where to place their advert so that it will reach the intended targeted audience. For example, if an advert wants to use a celebrity in order to endorse their product, eg they use a footballer to test 'their' new football, to show how great it is, then there would be no point broadcasting it on the radio as it wouldn't get it's desired effect. (When you're on the tube in London, which is known in the winter for quite bad weather and you look up at an advert advertising quick getaway holidays in the Mediterranean the product would probably appeal to you.) ...read more.


The car then stops at the lights as the father taps impatiently on the steering wheel showing he is in a hurry. The man doesn't drive through, the lights however, as he has faith that the car to get him there in time. They go through a tunnel and then pass a scary looking man but the father and son don't seem the least bit frightened. This emphasizes the safety of the car, protecting them from the outside world and therefore they have no need to be fearful of anything. Eventually the car reaches it's destination and it's now night and raining. The father quickly rushes out of the car mistakenly leaving his son in it showing once again the safety of the car, as the child is not fearful of being alone. Realizing his mistake he rushes back and carries his son down a long corridor, which seems to go on forever. Eventually there's a light at the end and he opens the door to find his wife just given birth and the baby's first cries. This symbolizes that as well as the new generation child; there is also a new generation of Audi's, which will protect the new generation of children. This is saying that throughout the ages Audi will constantly bring out new cars in order to keep with the times. Although the advert possesses a strong narrative it is also multi-layered so as well as emphasizing all the reasons to buy an Audi car it still tells a story. ...read more.


The architecture in the advert also uses circular shapes such as motifs symbolizing regeneration as like the new generation of Audi's. As the advert progresses you see how the music contrasts with the moods the characters are in. For instance when they see the scary man who seems a sinister type of person the music becomes slightly louder and more dramatic. The advert is also appealing to any race or religion as in the advert you see a mosque, which, symbolizes that religion is unimportant as is race. At the end of the advert the baby is born and as well as the father having a new son it also shows how the Audi reached his destination in the nick of time. I found this advert to be very effective. This is because V.W Audi has created a media form that says and symbolizes the circle of life and the regeneration of car manufacture. I found the advert to be effective because the contrast between night and day, rough terrain and even surfaces, shadows and warm light and lastly the sinister choir music and the baby cries make you feel that this is a car you can rely upon to keep you safe yet lose nothing in performance. We see this clearly with the Audi slogan Vorsprung Durch Technik, which symbolizes everything that Audi, stands for as it's meaning is advancing through technology and this advert proves that this is a modern and ideal car. ...read more.

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