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Analysis of Dior Midnight Poison magazine advert.

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Analysis of Midnight Poison - Dior Perfume Advert The advert for 'midnight poison' perfume suggest that buying the perfume will make you deviant, powerful, confident, sophisticated and individual. This advert is for a perfume by Dior called 'Midnight Poison' for women. It is aimed at females from the ages of 15-30. The teenage audience is drawn in by the adverts individuality, confident and beautiful female header who is also playful and energetic. While the older end of the target audience relates to the sophistication and confidence of the ad, the desire to be strong and independent. ...read more.


The ad has been laid out to guide the reader's eye; this is an affective way of getting the purpose and messages of this advertisement across, and is successful at doing so. The direction of her gaze shows she is confident, her eyes have a powerful hold on the reader, and you are encouraged, by the positioning of her eyes to aspire and to desire to these feelings. Similarly the positioning of her hands shows her confidence, her hands are in a claw like position as If you are in her grasp but at the same time touching her face suggesting she is gentle and passionate as well as being strong and deviant. ...read more.


The advert has a commanding blue and black colour scheme; this provokes mystery and illusion inviting you in to the unseen, the dark and nightly, to be seductive and dangerous to be illusive and thus links to the perfume name, 'Midnight poison' The fairly tale like dress of the model is to show she is an individual, this appeals to an audience who has aspirations to be so for example teenagers. This also links to the tagline located at the bottom of the advert 'A new Cinderella is born.' Suggesting like Cinderella the reader can be 're-born' from dull to beautiful, all your hopes and dreams will be achievable with power and confident and independence being an individual women which you shall gain from buying this perfume. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohsin shafi 10Q 10479 ...read more.

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