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Analysis of LOreal Casting Crme Gloss Advert Cheryl Cole

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L'Oreal Casting Cr�me Gloss Advert Cheryl Cole L'Oreal adverts are there to bring a little bit of glamour to the people of England. L'Oreal's main marketing scheme was to make luxurious, well made products that leave you with silky soft hair without the hefty price tag! To sell this product the advertisers needed to come up with something that the viewers would want to buy. Therefore they went down the route of Paris, the fashion capital. The reason why they chose Paris is because it is associated with rich, and luxury products, and it is also very appealing to their target audience, young women. The name L'Oreal is also very in keeping with the Paris theme, and makes the product sound expensive! This advert by L'Oreal was thought out very well. The point of the advert was to catch the eye of the public! Adverts are made to sell products, and this advert does exactly that. ...read more.


In actual life, she probably has a lot of hairspray in it to keep her hair in the same position, but on the advert it looks soft smooth and glossy. In the next shot, the camera cuts to a low position on the ground and it moves upwards showing her whole body, this shows us that she is skinny and healthy and pretty, so many things that you can get from using L'Oreal. She then starts to walk towards the camera, and is still smiling this shows her confidence, and that she is satisfied with the way that she is. The advert is very well put together using the elements of Mise-en-Scene, Cheryl's outfits are in keeping with the colour scheme and they look young, and fresh. They dress her in clothes that you would normally see on a child because they show her youth, and that her hair has no greys, because she has been using this product. ...read more.


You do not really see much of her clothes, but you can make out that she is wearing a silver dress, still in keeping with the 'expense' of the advert. This ties the print out ad to the TV advertisement, and also gives the print out ad the same 'class. The name of the product is clearly shown on the print ad, as is once again reinforcing that Paris theme. The word Cr�me is used, meaning cream. Cream is thick and luxurious so it loosely tells the audience that they will have thick luscious hair if they use the product. The layout of the page is very important for marketing, because it determines where the eyes of the viewer look to. For example the more important things go on the left because, you read from left to right. So the product name usually goes on the left side. The whole L'Oreal advert and the theme surrounding it was thought out very well. By using the French theme and connoting wealth and happiness, it has made Casting Cr�me Gloss a successful product, and made an even better name for L'Oreal. Natasha Greeff ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This student shows an understanding of some of the techniques used in advertising. They use some media language but miss opportunities to use more.

Marked by teacher Paul Dutton 18/07/2013

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