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Analysis of my Advert

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Analysis of My Advert My analysis are about a perfume advert called "Romance" for men. This perfume is targeted for men aged 25-40. In this advert I have explained the layout, inherent myths, the connotations in colour, Brand name, connotations of colour and the choice of models. This advert contains a two models 1 male and 1 female in a sexual pose, with a blank background, because a man and a women represent a good relationship of romance. I have set all the objects clearly to see and understand by locating each item, that made up the advert, in such way that the audience could not miss to spot the ad. I have chosen to place the title at the top of the page giving it a large font size, making it bold and coloured it blue because they think a advert should have a big and clear title because ...read more.


A man can feel the excitement with this masculine blend of crisp and seductive spice. The target audience for this product would be men aged between 25-40 years of age. This would be because men have more romance rather then teenagers e.g. a a young married couple who would have a lot more romance in their life then a old couple that are celebrating their 35th anniversary. The model in the advert is used to attract men that don't work in offices or dress up stylish up to date or have a less fascinating romance life because so they believe having "Romance" on will attract more women to them. Romance is also different to other fragrances because men will mainly use Romance on parties, special occasions etc rather than in discos or night clubs. ...read more.


The type of clothing that is used in this advert is linked with the brand title romance because the male model is wearing a shirt and a tie and the female model has a black attractive dress on and the perfume is supposed to be posh. The type of clothes are telling that there is a relationship of romance because the women has lifted a shirt and has her hand on the side of the man's stomach and also embracing the man. I have chosen this pose for the models because the audience of men that look at the male model and see him with the other model they would want to be in his position and have that sort of romance. This is when the inherent myths appear in adverts. To attract other men to buy this perfume and believe in the inherent myth the male model is presented like this. ...read more.

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