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Analysis of Television advertising.

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Ellie Whidden, 0234 Centre no: 54231 Media Coursework- Analysis of Television advertising Advertising is a strong part of today's society whether it is for a product or charity. It appears everywhere from shop front windows, bus stops to the television. Advertising affects most people as it often affects what people wear, behave and purchase. By advertising a company can sell a product easily and soon makes it in fashion'. Many adverts appeal to different people. One of the people who are most effect by advertising is teenagers and children. They feel the need to constantly improve their image and look good in front of their friends. In this essay I will be comparing two television adverts. The two adverts that I have chosen to compare are from two charities; Children in Need and Cancer Research. The first advert was shown on the night of Children in Need as a plea for money to go towards their charitable work. The second is shown regularly on Television is about Cancer Research and how they need donations to help people like you and me. Although these adverts are different they both portray similar techniques in order to get the audience to react. In this essay I shall look closely at both these adverts and highlight these similarities. In the advert from 'Cancer Research' the story line is portrayed using flashbacks of two particular people. ...read more.


In the 'Cancer Research' advert there are two main backgrounds shown. The first is of a boy in a very bleak council type house surrounded by dull furniture and the second is of a mother in a very bright, bedroom decorated with plush fabric and furniture. However, one thing that stays the same in each situation is a wooden clean mirror. This mirror signifies the precious relationships between a mother and daughter. By keeping this the same it shows that this relationship can form in any house, place or part of the country. Music plays a vital role in most adverts in today's world. If a well-known song from a popular artist is used in an advert then the amount of concentration from the audience is increased. A typical example of this is the company 'Levi'. They, after 2 years of small sales, inherited this idea and used a song from the 'Beatles' to accompany one of their adverts. This increased the attention from the audience and boosted sales. However music is also used to create an particular emotion like in both of the adverts I am comparing. The two charities I took adverts from both try and help to improve a person's life in both health and social needs. They deal with suffering and pain which a strong sad emotion. By using slow sorrowful songs to accompany these adverts it makes the audience feel the emotion of what people are going through. ...read more.


The creators of these adverts use stereotypes to help the audiences relate with what is happening on screen. This is shown in the 'Cancer Research' advert. Both a stereotypical mother and child are used. Many different adverts appeal to different people. For example this could be to Mainstreamers who seek security in being the same as other people or Aspirers who want status and buy hi-tech goods in order to improve their image. In this case both these adverts are aimed at Reformers who want to make the world a better place. In conclusion there are many ways adverts can portray a statement whether it be advertising a product or helping a charity. By choosing characters from a variety of backgrounds a producer can make the advert appeal to a variety of people. Use of emotive sound and imaging can enhance an audience's view of the product or statement and can lead to them either purchasing or donating towards this item. Adverts with a basic story, short length and clear information will often appeal to the audience and help them to keep their concentration. Both the 'Cancer Research' and 'Children in need' advert display these qualities. I found these adverts effective because they were able to portray the feelings and emotions of the people in need. This then encouraged me to do something about it. By showing me images of the people the money would help I felt that I should donate and help these people. I think both these adverts are extremely effective and portray the message 'of helping others' well. ...read more.

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