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Analysis of the Article “a Life In the Day of Sting”

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Samuel Holliday 10/15/2001 An Analysis on the Article "A Life in the Day Of STING" I found the Sting article to be extremely intriguing as how a superstar like himself could be so normal and down-to-Earth. The content of the first paragraph explains how Sting grew up with some background information about his father, his beliefs and his common habits. The 2nd paragraph however tells of Sting's feelings and loves. ...read more.


"The Des O'Connor Show". He talks of the guilt and loneliness he suffers from when he's away from the family for so long. Then he tells of his fatherhood and how he sees himself to be as a father and how he treats his children. The article also explains of how Sting is thankful and grateful of his fame, his fortune and his estates, how he'd feel about having to give them up. ...read more.


My Conclusion of the Text This article has touched on near enough every aspect of how Sting thinks, feels, lives and loves. It touches how he grew up where he grew up and what it was like growing up for him. It tells of the every day routines Sting has got into like doing his yoga before breakfast and why sting doesn't agree with wearing deodorant because he doesn't want to be labelled as a product ...read more.

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