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Analysis of the cover of Kerrang magazine.

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Media studies Nathan smith Throughout all Kerrang's magazines, I have noticed that they place the masthead in the same position on every magazine they produce which shows continuity. I find the lines in the masthead very eye catchy and because it is flashy it may represent style and fame. The position of the bar code had been placed on the bottom right which is the opposite way of a normal bar code that might be placed (bottom left) which proves that Kerrang is trying to be unconventional or similar to other magazines. The magazine also try and keep the audience updated not only with new releases but include there life story's. The image of the models (front page) is being placed in a position that they might be trying to reach the audience-listen to them. ...read more.


that I might use in my magazine as I also found out that Kerrang has particular form of continuity throughout their magazines which is very good to familiarise the audience of the style of Kerrang.I also like the feature that the magazine has a by-line picture with a message from them as I think this is a very good thing because the writer feels appreciated and also be known by the loyal readers. In the double page spread, it has the models from the front page with a similar page in the page which represent they are the story of the week. The models have been placed for a medium shot and on the top-right they have the initials for their band. ...read more.


The institution of Kerrang is Bauer which is known for having a wide range of magazine for all different sectors as Kerrang is aiming to have an audience of the range around 15-26 because the bands and the artists that had been used are more suitable and most interest teens-adults. The price £2.20 which is considered fairly suitable for the a per week but contains everything and the latest of the week therefore this has more positive aspects than other magazines because most magazines will sell what normally this will have for far more expensively than this. Over all, Kerrang had been representing music in an extreme positive way and not only music but some artists personal life and how they are starting all over again which shows that Kerrang do not only care about music but also about some artists personal life. ...read more.

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