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Analysis of the film "We Need To Talk About Kevin"

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We Need To Talk About Kevin. ?We Need to Talk About Kevin? is a movie adaptation of Lionel Shriver?s novel with the same title. The story revolves around a family of four, but the main focus is on the relationship between the mother (Eva, played by Tilda Swinton) and the son (Kevin, played by Rock River, Jasper Newell and Ezra Miller). The movie goes back and forth in time to show different points in Eva?s life. The use of flashbacks and the clever combination of the ?past? and ?present? scenes illustrates the contrast of what her life was like with her family and without, certain details in both let us know what Eva was thinking and feeling. There is a great significance to details in this film. For example the use of the colour red, this could represent fear, blood and the tense relationships Eva had not only with Kevin but also Franklin, her husband. At the beginning of the movie we see people in a pool of red, this makes us think of violence, a massacre, but really it?s just a tomato festival filmed from a distance. ...read more.


As a toddler, Kevin continues to be disobediant. He doesn?t communicate with Eva or respond to any of her actions, so she takes him to the doctor thinking he has autism. The doctor confirms that there isn?t anything wrong with him medically, which seems to break Eva?s heart as this means that to Kevin there is something wrong with her. She admits she was much happier before, but she never gives up on Kevin. She possibly sees Kevin as a challange that she can later add to her accomplishments or maybe she realizes it?s her duty to always be there for him, no matter what. Kevin is a very troubled and difficult character, from an early age he seems to do everything he can to make Eva miserable and he takes pleasure from this. He starts playing violent videogames and as a teenager he collects computer viruses. He continues to use nappies until about the age of 6 and once Eva gives birth to her second child Celia, the first thing Kevin does is splash some water in her eyes. ...read more.


She punishes herself with a boring new job, tiny house and the memories. After the massacre she pays visits to Kevin in the juvenile prison, he continues to annoy her at every chance he gets until a few days before his 18th birthday (also the 2 year anniversary of the massacre) he finally seems to have realized that this wasn?t just a joke. The end of the movie is open to interpretation. To me it shows Eva ready to move on with life and accept her son the way he is. I don?t think she forgave him or ever will, but she possibly realized that having him as a reminder of everything is punishment enough and there is no reason not to continue living. I liked the movie, I thought the acting was incredible and the choice of actors, especially for Kevin was great too, he looked like the same person throughout all the stages of his life. I think the viewers have a lot to think about as the story unfolds, I like that there was no definite answer to anything, just like in everyday life, we have to try and understand things ourselves. ...read more.

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