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Analysis of the NSPCC Advert

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Vincent Williams. Media Assignment. Advertisement is a manipulative use of media in order to bring the audiences attention to a product or service. In the two advertisements we see two different uses of the same media (posters). Types of advertisement come under two main categories: Importance-giving important details such as opening dates and location. Persuasive-plays more on the manipulative side, this is present in the two posters. The 'NSPCC' advert is appealing to our sympathetic and emotional sides asking for our donations to help the troubled child. We are given the impression that we are helping an individual; this is because of the picture and accompanied story. A vulnerable child bandaged and exposed on what seems to be a bed rather than a crib dominates the page. The message is limited to 1/3 of the page. This message is subtle, keeping our sympathy going rather than anger. 'NSPCC' is placed in the bottom right hand corner, a name that is well know and respected for its work. ...read more.


The overall effect is simple and direct, simplicity is used because they are emphasising how the picture says it all. One sentence in the donation form is opened with 'You' personalising the advert and making it the reader feel involved and important. The 'BP' advert uses shock to entice the audience. We cringe with disgust as we see the worms entwined and stacked together taking up 2/3 of the page. The headline is bold but once read it only confuses the reader and increases captivation. Due to our curiosity and hate of confusion we read on in order to understand the link between the poster and its headline. The 'BP' logo is small; if it wasn't we'd know what the poster was about and would find little need to read on. In this poster there is little need for fancy fonts because curiosity has already occurred. The caption has an informal tone a sign of humanity making it easier to converse with this company. ...read more.


Both posters have a small company logo, but this for different reasons; 'BP' is to crate confusion and 'NSPCC' is to give the impression that the poster is a campaign for children rather than popularity. Dramatic vocabulary is used in small amounts throughout the two posters such as; 'All this baby will ever remember' and in 'BP' 'Protecting'. 'BP' could have used statistics but decided not to, this makes the poster humane and the reader feels empathetic towards the 'NSPCC' advert. Presentational devices are arranged around the one objective 'shock'. These posters captured my attention and curiosity; I was more interested in the 'BP' because it wasn't too blatant with its point so it required more information beyond its headline. They were both successful in their intentions, but both obviously were directed at two different audiences. Sympathy is a very emotional mindset and as long as our emotions are triggered we become captivated. Emotions are difficult to ignore because they engage rational thinking with knowledge, a combination that would be un-human to ignore hence its use in these adverts. ...read more.

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