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"Argue either for or against. Teenagers owning mobile telephones are they a blessing or a curse in modern society."

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Original writing Simon Sewell Mobile Phones "Argue either for or against. Teenagers owning mobile telephones are they a blessing or a curse in modern society." Mobile phones seem to help 'young' people a lot in today's society. Although past generations seem to have been able to cope with the slapstick communication, mobile phones have made it a lot easier for parents or guardians to get in touch with their children. Mobile phones are also very useful if there is an emergency whilst the child or 'young' person needs to communicate with the emergency forces or their parents. Research published in November 2003 shows that 96% of 15 to 24-year-olds own a cell phone and cannot function normally without one. For teenagers and young adults, large mobile phone bills are a highly valued status symbol since making and receiving calls implies popularity. ...read more.


It is believed up to two in three secondary school children now have mobiles, as well as one in four primary school pupils, aged four to 11.Britons now send 42 million text messages a day - more than double the total a year ago. Poor spelling and punctuation in exams has a long history. Examiners' reports from the 1800s complain about students' mistakes. This year's continuation of tales of grammatical woe have been coloured by the introduction of text message style writing into supposedly formal examination answers. Some essays were peppered with soap opera phrases ("I was well bored") or written entirely in text message shorthand, which is proving a challenge for markers. Senior English examiner Anne Barnes said: "The thought and quality of the answer has to be balanced against the fact that it is not Standard English when it should be." ...read more.


The threat to healthy sleep patterns is potentially more important than the threat posed by entertainment media. The latter mainly appear to influence time to bed, while mobile phones actually seem to lead to interrupted sleep. "It's not so much whether they are disturbed in their sleep by being awakened. If they take their phone with them and leave it switched on, they sleep at a different level because they are constantly aware of the phone." Mobile phones in the teenager population seem to cause more trouble than they should. If mobile phones were only used for emergences then they wouldn't cause so much of a problem. The lack of sleep and "text" writing in exams may cause too much of a problem in school and may make their grades decrease. In conclusion I believe that mobile phones are more of a cure in modern society. ...read more.

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