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"Asses the view that the shared culture of journalists effect the selection and presentation of news."

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Sociology Vikki Basten "Asses the view that the shared culture of journalists effect the selection and presentation of news." News is formed through a selective process which is controlled by media professionals such as journalists' correspondents and editors. Agenda setting, a theory created by Stephen Lukes, sees how journalists select news that is projected through the media. Agenda setting also sees bias in the media, which is most commonly dominated in the political broadcasts. The Glasgow university media group agree with the use of agenda setting in the media and use it in their research. When looking at a political strike story the Glasgow University media group saw how the workers were presented in a negative view point. The journalists and broadcasters emphasised the effects of the strikes to the public as very negative and projected the workers as being an annoyance. ...read more.


bourgeoisie, are all aiming for the same thing, to be the strongest influence of selection and presentation of news, and they feel that this is not the case. The Glasgow University Media Group's analysis of Primary Definition is that there is an obstruction for some to get access to particular information in the news and that it is passed through people, so that the final view is of experts and professionals. Gate keeping in the media sees how editors choose particular sorties to enter public media. This theory of gate keeping was created by David White. He sees gate keeping as an 'informal process of censorship'. Editors are the core "gate keepers." deciding what information will be transported to the public via their media. Gate Keeping is a selective process of news stories that are felt to be eligible to appear in newspapers. ...read more.


This suggestion of News Values is agreed with by The Glasgow University Media Group, they particularly agree with the idea that in politics the person is significantly more important than their policy. They feel that the media does not go into complex depths to explain fully everything to the public. After considering all of the criticisms and opinions I think that it is editors and journalists that tend to be in control of the selection and presentation of news. They determination what will and will not be featured in a particular news article or news paper. The idea of Gate Keeping, where editors influence the content of the news by controlling the gate of information, shows us the control that they have. They can shut the gate by not exposing certain news and open it to disclose what they want us to know. To a certain extent editors are agenda setting, determining what people will talk about and where support or popular attitude will be. ...read more.

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