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Assess the role British media plays in British politics today.

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Warunya Luangaramrut #4306640436 British Government Assess the role British media plays in British politics today Newspapers, television news, radio broadcasting, all are familiar modern media that we consume everyday of our daily lives whether it is directly or indirectly. Some information are positive and some are negative. As statistics show negative news sells more than positive news. News programs should focus on the facts, with some type of analysis and professional criticism. However, for financial benefits, TV news broadcasts usually present dramatic, violent stories and images to capture an audience. What we receive from the news influences us in many ways. "Media" plays an important role in spreading political ideology. As a result newspapers, television and radio have become the leading means of broadcasting such information. The media is growing along with the development of technology in Modern Britain. It has grown and developed from the development of the freedom of speech and democracy, which is basically an ideology of the British people. With the Media playing such an important role in an informative society such as Britain politicians today are becoming more worried with their image that they present to the public. ...read more.


Today the news and events around the world are being covered so rapidly that everything involving the media has now become a profession that one could consider as a career. The media is so powerful that even just a slightly missed wording of a speech and be wrongly understood and would be heard of all around the world in just minutes. From this, politicians have grown to learn that the media is not just the public voice but also a voice that waits to gossip about them whenever they make the wrong move. Of course, with hundreds of daily newspapers the government have come up with an idea to deal with them. They have established governmental agencies that secretly support a type of media in order for them to be able to have some control over what the public receives and understands about in modern Britain. Moreover, the non-supportive nature of the media makes sure that politicians can not totally control the media but can only use it as tool influence the public's perception. ...read more.


Finally, the role of the media in modern British society anything but small or minor. It causes huge effects on the British politics. The public is willing to believe what ever the media says. They have no intention of investigating the reality themselves. Instead, the public goes straight to the media for answers. Even with all its negativity and political downside. The media reminds the public that they have the right to their freedom of speech and that they are able to express their own beliefs and that they have the right to know what is going on in the government. As funny as it may sound but the media can not survive without the government and the government can not survive without the attention of the media either. Bibliographies 1. Allen, Robert C. Channels of Discourse: Television and Contemporary Criticism.1987. 2. Entman, Robert M. Democracy Without Citizens: Media and The Decay of British Politics.1989. 3. Hollingsworth, M. The Press and Political Dissent: A Question of Censorship.1986 4. Irwin J (3rd ed) Modern Britain Routledge1994 5. Keith, Michael C. and Krause, Joseph M. The Radio Station. Boston: Local Press, 1986 6. http://britishspin.blogspot.com/ 1 ...read more.

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