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GCSE: Audience and Production Analysis

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  1. Bella - Magazine Front Cover Analysis. The prominent display of the woman in the front cover is the first thing one notices at a first glance of the magazine. This, without further inspection suggests to the potential buyer that Bella is a womans magaz

    The background is plain blue and seems as a sort of foundation stone upon which the other details are placed (images, writing). This is contrasted by the radiant and more feminine colours such as pink and yellow which are used predominantly in the foreground. The use of blue which is thought of as a masculine colour, as opposed to pink as feminine, could be described as oxymoronic due to the target audience of the magazine being mainly female. However the use of blue as the background colour could be thought of as a clever tactic by the designers because of the feminine interest towards men albeit this reference being entirely indirect.

    • Word count: 1071
  2. Analyse the ways that the director builds up suspense and scares the audience in the film JAWS

    The music plays a significant role in keeping the thrill and horror in the film. It is use to symbolize the Shark and its movements. The music can be closely related with a heartbeat and it is also one of the factors in scaring the audience. For example in the title sequence music is played while the shark moves through the water and from there on we can always associate the shark with this movement even if we don't see its face. As the tempo rises the audience feel more and more insecure. Straight after the attack is ended the music goes from panic to silence.

    • Word count: 952
  3. How are Teenager Stereotypes used to Challenge the Audiences Expectations in 'The Breakfast Club'?

    As the story progresses we realise that he is unpopular, after Bender makes fun of him, and he is upset. However, later in the film he reveals why is really in detention. He received a bad grade in one of his classes. Brian says that he feels terrible because he may not be able to get to a good college. He states: "I can't have an F, and my parents can't have an F". He then says that a teacher found a gun in his locker.

    • Word count: 1230
  4. Shrek is a film about an Ogre in a fractured fairytale. It opens with a storybook in an extreme close up shot.

    They also include some effects and story parts such as happily ever afters, a certain plot and unique music, usually non diagetic. The directors of this particular film (Andrew Adamson/Vicky Jenson) used the fairytale genre in this way as a first. It sold very well in the box office, gaining $484 million in total. There were many films that were inspired by Shrek, such as The Incredibles and Ice Age, which used similar concepts used in Shrek. After the opening credits, we see many angry humans, which seem to be angry with this Ogre.

    • Word count: 723
  5. Analyse the ways that the director builds up suspense and scares the audience in the film Jaws

    Chrissy swims in the sea for a while, and her friend is trailing behind her and shouting for her (this is a diegetic sound). The camera then pans over the darkness and the sea and the theme tune which we are familiar with from the title sequence starts, suggesting oncoming terror. Suddenly, we hear screams and shouts for help from Chrissy in the sea, complemented by heavy, dramatic splashing noises. Underwater shots of Chrissy's flailing legs are shown to build up the suspense.

    • Word count: 1936
  6. Analysis of the trailer for "Twilight".

    Why make it different? Nobody knows but this mystery is what makes the film so successful. These are all connected to one film. Which film is that? Twilight! The multi award winning film Twilight that was released on the 21st November 2008 shot up through the ranks when the British heart throb was known to be in the film. The film made $392,563,465 just in box office takings. When Rotten Tomatoes reviewed the film Twilight they only gave it a measly 5.5 out of 10.

    • Word count: 1181
  7. Discuss the issues surrounding the awarding of a certificate 15 to Kidulthood by the British Board of Film Classification. Do you agree with their assessment?

    There is continuous strong language throughout the film including the consistent use of the "f" word and direct use of the "c "word. When classifying the film the board had to take into consideration whether the language will seem offensive to the majority of viewers. They must consider factors such as age, background, gender and religious beliefs. Overall the board concluded the language is a realistic portrayal of the youth today and correct use of language for its intended audience. I myself agree with the board's decision as the language is familiar and in use by the intended teenage audience.

    • Word count: 976
  8. Film review. The Last Exorcism is a truly alarming film, but doesnt leave you with a pit in your stomach, rather a smile on your face. Its scary, funny and entertaining and an excellent way to close out the summer.

    They repeatedly featured scenes that startle the viewer through the means of horrid and the supernatural. The last exorcism achieved this by creating a tensed atmosphere by events like lighting in an empty room, footsteps and candles extinguishing. Horrors also often overlap with the thriller genre. Plots written within the horror genre often involve the intrusion of an evil force and commonly of supernatural origin, into the everyday world like the horror movie The last exorcism. Plot The film begins and we quickly meet our main character - a somewhat scummy priest who is out to disprove exorcisms after he reads that a failed exorcism led to a young child's death.

    • Word count: 1006
  9. A Directors Commentary for the film "Touching the Void"

    I chose to begin the trailer with really slow, close up action shots but it then turns in to quick rushed shots as Simon falls through the cavern. The main idea of these shots were to be used to give the audience a feel of what the film is about, as most of them wouldn't have first hand experience of climbing mountains. The first extreme close up is to show the frosty conditions and again, to give those in the audience who would not have had first hand experience the reality of how cold it actually could be.

    • Word count: 1571
  10. Why in your opinion has Star Wars: A New Hope become such an iconic film?

    It is possible that in Star Wars: A New Hope R2D2 could have been seen as a MacGuffin. At the beginning of the film Princess Leia loads the enemy plans onto R2D2, from that point he is very important. If R2D2 gets lost or is broken then they will not know the enemy plans. Therefore R2D2 drives the story forward. Todorov's theory states that there is equilibrium, disequilibrium and then a new equilibrium. This can be seen through the storyline of Star Wars: A New Hope. When the empire were not attacking or planning to destroy there would be equilibrium.

    • Word count: 3814
  11. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse the traditions of the fairytale?

    After that loud cheerful music is played and different camera angels are used to make the film look more creative which will have an affect on the readers mind and they will get a first impression about Shrek. In the opening scene of Shrek there are lots of different camera angel for example when Shrek is having a bath the camera angel is from above. They have also made the opening scene creative because there have put the characters real names and the makers name behind things like mirrors and dirty mud.

    • Word count: 1031
  12. Film review of "The Mummy".The opening sequence made me feel terrified. I think after watching the opening sequence the genre was action/horror.

    The people look like match sticks compared to all the building and statue. Mise-en-scene develops the interest of the audience further. When you see Imhotep, the black dress he is wearing represents him as the keeper of DEATH. Anak Su Namun was basically completely nude and she was painted in gold because she belonged to the pharaoh.

    • Word count: 438
  13. I will now explain how conventions are used in my chosen trailer, and how effective they were to promote the film to the target audience. Cradle 2 The Grave, a film directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak and produced by Joel Silver, was released in 2003.

    The opening shot shows a man walking into a diamond exchange, this type of shot is known as the "establishing shot". It is used in films trailers to give the audience a hint of the setting, and a hint of what might happen. It also tells you what genre the film is, because we know from films that when we see a diamond exchange, we think of a robbery. It is almost a clich´┐Ż because these types of organised crimes hardly ever takes place in the real world, but happens to take place in films a lot and that these types of film are usually action based.

    • Word count: 2360
  14. How are teenagers represented in Eastenders?

    Eastenders has a very big audience; it is watched by male and female of all ages, religions, ethnicity and background. If one main audience were to be chosen then it would be females aged 20-40 years old however Eastenders has a cross over audience. In my opinion Eastenders has such a wide range audience as it reflects the multi-cultural society that we live in today. All types of people are represented through a specific character. This can be seen in the case of Ian Beale for example.

    • Word count: 1163
  15. Analyse the first ten minutes of M. Night Shyamalans The Sixth Sense. How does this extract create dramatic tension and introduce the main themes of the film?

    You could describe the sounds as ghostly, eerie and insinuating a film about supernatural forces. The opening credits are a pale white writing put on top of a pitch black background. The words fade in and out, only allowing the viewer to read the writing for approximately four to six seconds before it quickly fades out. The fading in and out of the words give a very clear indication to the viewers that it is a film of supernatural context.

    • Word count: 1978
  16. Rabbit Proof Fence. The skin examination scene is important to the rest of the film because its outlining why the girls and other campers were there in the first place.

    Natural lighting is used through out the scene to show the natural lighting of the bush which brings the bright warm colours. The many camera angles that are featured in this film include: point of view shot, close-up, mid shot and low shot. The camera angle point of view shot used in this scene was used on molly to show the audience what it was like through her eyes. This was significant because as the audience Phillip Noyce wanted to try to bring the audience into the film.

    • Word count: 616
  17. Production Report of Designing a Magazine

    For the masthead I found a 'Friends' font on the internet and then added in the different colour dots. The masthead 'Friends' has connotations of being warm and inviting. I then tried to find a picture of Jennifer Aniston on Google because she was the main headline for the date of my magazine. I chose a posed, medium close up shot. The photo also had to be cropped to fit within the page. I used a 2 different font types.

    • Word count: 738
  18. Response to Poetry

    The first sentence "Today I am going to kill something", is a very strong opening. Usually the first sentences of poems are catchy and set a mood and then they culminate up into something. The speaker uses a high impact sentence which appeals strongly to feelings, making it feel surprisingly or shocking. This means the reader will want to carry on reading to see why the person would want to kill. The poem is written in first person. Duffy changes from thought to thought so that the reader may develop sympathy with the narrator and see why he wants to kill.

    • Word count: 906
  19. The Big Bang Theory

    as well as allowing new audience to watch the show without getting confused, thus allowing for more viewers increasing the ratings of the show. The show targets teenagers. Proof of this would be the fact it airs on e4 a channel made to target the teen range. Along with people with an interest in science to accomplish this it uses witty humour and storyline that people may be able to relate to. Other ways it targets the audience is by having a myspace this way they can advertise the show virally and which the target audience may feel comfortable with this is similar to the way skins advertised its show.

    • Word count: 930
  20. Cross media: Music video/Promotional poster

    The band are in a stance that clearly shows that Gerard Way is the leader, he takes up almost half the poster, while the other band mates stand behind him. Gerard is also the only one who is stood straight facing the camera, where as Mikey way, Frank Lero and Ray Toro are all standing sideways. In previous promo posters the band has worn military jackets and similar outfits. However, here we can see that each member of the band has a different outfit on.

    • Word count: 993
  21. Compare the way cultural difference is represented in two films (East is East and Crash).

    The opening scene starts with a bird's eye view of the local setting; terraced housing and long narrow streets. As non-diegetic music plays, long shots are used to introduce the main characters. The music is parallel to the parade and is of a western source and is very cheery; the characters seem happy and are enjoying themselves despite standing out from the crowd. Also, busy diegetic sound is used to show the cheery bustle of the parade. As the parade is celebrating the Catholic religion, props are carried by the main characters to show this. For example, one of the characters is carrying a Christ statue - this emphasises the cultural difference as well as showing what type of parade it is.

    • Word count: 5841
  22. Edward Scissorhands

    This has the connotation of the homely Christmas feel, though they are quite deceiving as you don't know what the purpose of the cookies are, maybe it symbolises the childhood and love Edward never had. But, unusually away from this, it looks the exact opposite; it looks like the film is going to be along the horror genre. Many figures of spooky sorts and rusty robots can be seen, these figures are seen to be unsafe and a bit risky especially as many sharp objects like scissors are in view too.

    • Word count: 2052
  23. Media evaluation

    I did numerous amounts of research and planning in order to make my trailer successful. I annotated various other action film trailers and I looked at the codes and conventions that they used. I also looked at the action movie-which was made by Reedley Scott. I had to describe what colours were used, what type of music they played, and how much narrative they put in the trailer. I sense that if I did not look at this trailer's, that I would not have completed my task to make my own trailer as successfully as I have done.

    • Word count: 1330
  24. Discuss how the events in New York on September 11th 2001 have been adapted into the opening of the movie World Trade Centre.

    The economy moreover took a huge downfall in NYC therefore affecting almost all the world. Some American stock exchanges were also closed for the rest of the week which cost U.S. stocks $1.4 trillion in value for the week. The attacks also gave other countries a kick to make their Airport securities water tight and very strict so that they don't face the same misfortune as USA. The event also triggered numerous hate crimes against Middle-Eastern and "Middle-Eastern looking" people in the days that followed. Some where even shot just because of who they were.

    • Word count: 2899
  25. Why are soap operas watched more by women than men?

    The opera part comes from the fact that operas tell a story, just as the soaps do. What makes a soap opera unique is that the story never ends, that is why soaps like GL can be on the air (either radio or TV) for more than 50 years.

    • Word count: 481

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