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GCSE: Audience and Production Analysis

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  1. The A-Team Trailer. The trailer begins with a military gunfire at a funeral for the deceased. It then begins to set the scene of the film, after this it proceeds to introduce the main characters; who each have a specific stereotype.

    Stereotyping is used widely throughout many films; this action packed film follows the trend. It has a large black man who uses his size and power to his advantage to get his way, the rich white man wears a suit and speaks eloquently. Also, there is a slightly dim person who does stupid things for comical effect for example; he attempts to jump start a car using a defibrillator; and obviously to complete the foursome, a slightly older, grey haired man. His grey hair signifies his wisdom and knowledge. The trailer uses darker colours predominately throughout as it is firstly set in a prison.

    • Word count: 563
  2. Textual Analysis of James Bond

    One reason why "Quantum of Solace" is likely to target a younger aged demograph is due to the time difference between the two movies, the younger generation in the modern world is desensitized towards strong elements of filming. This includes violence, blood, and explicit scenes. Modern popular actions films are always editted to many fast-paced cut scenes flashing back and forth different characters in different movements, this creates tension. The Bond trailers each have very different pacing; the fast "cut-to"s used more in "Quantum of Solace", while "dissolve"s or "slide"s are used more commonly in "Dr.

    • Word count: 704
  3. The process of getting a TV show commissioned.

    At the BBC the commissioning process is different because from April people will only be allowed to put forward there idea by email or filling out a form. Here is a table on how the commissioning at the BBC works. As you can see it can take up to 20 weeks for a decision to be made. Sometimes the person who came up with the idea isn't an experienced writer and at the BBC this may occur many times because anyone can commission their idea.

    • Word count: 1462
  4. The film I will be discussing is Dracula. The director of Dracula is Francis Ford Coppola;

    Basically 'Dracula' is a film about vampires and the crazy things love can make you do. The term signifier of genre gives the audience the impression of a gothic theme. These are subtle hints that make the audience automatically associate with the gothic horror genre. Many things from the film 'Dracula' signify to the audience that it's from a gothic genre such as blood, darkness and the effect of tension the film has. The film Dracula comes from a gothic background, this would be obvious to the audience, as there are many things that show this for example, the

    • Word count: 3958
  5. "Avatar" movie review. Plot outline and criticisms.

    The corporation moved in to destroy the Na'vi's home because Jake took too long. Once the Na'vi's home was destroyed, Jake realized how evil the corporation was and rebels against the corporation. In the end, the Na'vi and Jake manage to gain victory over the Marines and the evil corporation. Many have criticized this film as racist because of the male protagonist being a white man. I don't think "Avatar" is a racist film at all. Personally I didn't feel offended that there were no Asians or African Americans in the film. If the Jake was played by a black man like Will Smith or Denzel Washington, then the ending would be spoiled because we watched enough Will Smith movies to know that he will save the Na'vi and end up being the hero.

    • Word count: 709
  6. Violence in the Media

    This can involve things such as a TV advert telling you not to smoke or not to drive fast. It can also be a bad thing eg. The camera is in the first person of a gangster telling the person to go and kill someone. I feel that this issue is important and that violence has some effect on an audience but without violence, all the major film, movie and TV companies would go bust. This is because almost all of the main films programmes and shows that people like watching contain some kind of violence whether it is "the matrix" or "you've been framed".

    • Word count: 1300
  7. "Sleepy Hollow" and "Frankenstein" films compared. Both films frighten the audience by using the unknown and stereotypical gothic scenes.

    The director uses these shots to scare us by making the red wax look like blood also this is a very stereotypical shot for gothic landscapes because it is red on white. The pace of these first few shots is quite fast which makes it seem like something that is important but secretive. Then there is a long shot of a passenger in a carriage, they use this long shot to frighten the audience because you can see the scene around him and how it's all very dark and gloomy.

    • Word count: 1127
  8. How effective is the NHS no smoking campaign in persuading its audience not to smoke?

    NHS is a symbol of smoke free it gives you a very free feeling like you can breathe the clear air. The NHS is caring out for us and other people in this world. NHS stands for National Health Service. In this video the NHS uses real children to ask their parents to stop smoking. The way they ask their parents to stop is in a very heartrending way. But when the mum sees her own child trying to smoke with a pencil and seeing if he looks cool the mum feels guilty and try's to relinquish smoking.

    • Word count: 674
  9. Jaws analysis

    A good example of this is in the first scene a t the start of the movie. It starts with a very relaxed atmosphere of a large group of people chatting and sitting round a camp fire and we can hear someone playing a harmonica in the background. Spielberg has purposely created this sort of atmosphere to make the audience feel calm. The scene continues on to show a girl and a boy running off towards the shore. As they head away from the group, the chatter of the people fades and the only sound we can hear is that of the drunken boy trying to catch up with the running girl who had already reached the ocean.

    • Word count: 1693
  10. This media essay will begin to analyse two Barnados charity adverts. How the advert is presented, how Barnados uses language and how effective the images are within the adverts to help persuade the public.

    Charity adverts use the guilty conscience to create an impact in the readers mind. They are able to this through the use of language i.e. you can make a difference to this child's life, only one pound a week can save a child's life. There are many varied types of charity adverts, meaning there is fierce competition between them. They all aim to challenge our sympatric side and use emotive language to blackmail. This media essay will begin to analyse two Barnado's charity adverts.

    • Word count: 1243
  11. Analyse the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of Saving Private Ryan both shocking and realistic. Saving Private Ryan is based on four scenes which are: The transition from present to past, the instant chaos, Captain Millers confus

    I was looking for realism all the time". This point is clearly right as he proved the war to be realistic and devastating. He uses the effect of the desaturated colour which reflects and shows the realistic and dulled effect of the war. This adds a negative atmosphere which shows the audience how it felt in war. He has also placed the usage of cameras in his film as he says, "I wanted to hit the sets much like a newsreel cameraman following soldiers into war".

    • Word count: 1439
  12. Free essay

    In the move Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the comedy troupe, Monty Python, challenge societys view of the Salem Witch trials, but satirizing the Puritans belief that every woman was a witch, and the constant trials on numerous people for somethin

    They think of the horror and monstrosity that those people faced during those trials. Imagine how you would feel, being put to death for a crime you did not even commit, non the less something that is not even existent? In the move Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the comedy troupe, Monty Python, challenge society's view of the Salem Witch trials, but satirizing the Puritan's belief that every woman was a witch, and the constant trials on numerous people for something that they could not prove logically. The scene starts with a group of villagers who are bringing a woman to the Bedemir, to have her executed for witchcraft.

    • Word count: 611
  13. Analyse the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of Saving Private Ryan both shocking and realistic, and how effective you find it as an introduction to the film.

    The Longest Day was released in 1962, only seventeen years after the World War II. This film also tells the landing of Omaha beach and the invasion of Normandy on the 6th June 1944. The film was directed by Ken Annakin and is two hours and forty eight minutes long. Some of the actors starred in the film were Robert Mitchum, John Wayne and Henry Fonda. The Longest Day had won two Oscars because of the special effects it used in the film.

    • Word count: 2479
  14. Compare the representation of Britishness in the Metro Notting Hill Carnival article, the clip from Notting Hill movie and the magazine This England.

    It also shows countryside places and the thatched cottages that used to be in Britain. This magazines target audience is definitely for the older generation. Royalists, traditional thinkers, ex-pats, people who remember parts of the war (bye-gone era), the age of 60+ male and female predominantly white, middle-class. Britain can be represented in different ways. One thing that represents Britain is the flag. I think this is the main representation because it stands out, and every country has their own flag to represent their country. Another thing that represents Britain is the people and how they are.

    • Word count: 3567
  15. Free essay

    Analyse the ways that Steven Spielberg builds suspense and scares the audience in the first 20 minutes of the film Jaws

    starts very quietly. Immediately all other noises cease. The camera shot starts to move faster and more sharply, it is from the point of view of the shark. As the music becomes faster and louder, the movement of the camera becomes faster and sharper. This shows that the Leitmotif and the camera correlate. As with all Leitmotifs, it recurs several times during the film, and connotates the shark's presence. This is exactly the same as in Star Wars, as the Imperial March leitmotif (also written by John Williams)

    • Word count: 1418
  16. Intro to Pro Communication #1

    * They are relatively easy to administer and cost effective. Disadvantages * They depend on subjects' motivation, honesty, memory, and ability to respond. * Structured surveys, particularly those with closed ended questions, may have low validity when researching affective variables. * Although the individuals chosen to participate in surveys are often randomly sampled, errors due to non-response may exist. * Survey question answer-choices could lead to vague data sets because at times they are relative only to a personal experience. (Fink 2003) In regards to the chosen survey it is apparent that the desired target market is that of expanding the brand awareness of Amnesty International.

    • Word count: 1774
  17. Intro to Pro Communication #2

    For example aspects like quality, value for money or durability are considered. "The attributes of the product quality can vary from category to category". 2 Therefore there will be inconsistencies between customers. In regards to Pioneer's Casual shoes they incorporate performance features of the products. Quality, durability and reliability are Pioneer's main goals with added survivability of the product such as style of the shoes. These are all defining the qualities of Pioneer shoes. Relationship marketing also influences the consumer experience towards a particular brand. It is based upon the idea that "current customers are the key to long success of the brand"2 The Last Chance Corporation has conducted a strategy of producing a high quality shoe that satisfies multiple audiences in order to achieve a wider export base.

    • Word count: 1315
  18. A comparison of two horror movie trailers - Prom Night and The Orphanage

    Both trailers use enigma codes to good effect by leaving a series of unanswered questions throughout their length. The villain in each remains a mystery, the reasoning behind their actions and the final outcome all remain unknown, leaving the viewer demanding answers, which can only be resolved by attending the film. 'The Orphanage' trailer is alone by including references to awards it has won and the producer's name; it also includes a quotation from a film critic, all of which emphasise its impact on the film industry and suggest it is a more sophisticated and complex production. In 'The Orphanage' trailer the horror film genre is captured, using an establishing shot, with the classic setting of a large gothic-style, isolated house.

    • Word count: 972
  19. Analysis of Existing Radio Adverts

    The main advert I heard was on Radio 1, which was promoting their regular summer concert, The Big Weekend. The announcer's delivery was in an up-beat style and included lots of references to the artists who are appearing. As all the acts were household names - Snow Patrol, Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand and the Saturdays - this type of event will be oversubscribed and the promoters do not have to try too hard to get people to attend.

    • Word count: 461
  20. Media Studies Revision - Video production techniques. Film genres.

    To avoid this be aware of the position of the sun, try to have your back to it. Get closer to your subject Isolate the subject Place it higher in the frame Reduce the depth of field Alter your view point What is video and TV production? We must make a distinction between television production and video production. TV production: � Broadcast - the signal is openly transmitted � Shown to a large public audience � Transmitted via cable or over-air either 'live' or 'taped'. Video Production � Non broadcast programming. � Recorded closed-circuit � Edited � Video productions have to be distributed via DVD, tape etc.

    • Word count: 2041
  21. Analyse the department of the Environments latest TV advert. How effective is the advert for its audience and do you think it is a success? This advert is called Bedtime Stories;

    When you start watching the advert you don't know what it is about because it isn't an ordinary advert about saving the world. Across the landing we can see a father and his daughter reading a bed time story and they look venerable. The camera zooms in slowly we are at there level seeing it from a child's point of view. The camera then cuts to inside the bedroom, we see a father telling his little daughter a Bedtime Story.

    • Word count: 1233
  22. How does the opening ten minutes of Disneys Monsters Inc prepare the viewer for the rest of the film?

    They all get about three minutes in the first ten minutes and it explains their personality in depth. The audience get a real feel for the rest of the motion picture. In the titles and the soundtrack, Disney Pixar aim to get the target audience hooked onto the rest of the film. The target audience at this point is for the parents of children, because of the music. The music is jazz and jazz was popular in the 60's and 70's, so it makes the music retro. It reminds parents of the fun parts of their childhood. The first thing we see is a door, a door of a child's bedroom closet.

    • Word count: 1755
  23. Media Coursework-The NHSs Get Unhooked advertising campaign, which was launched in 2008 caused a lot of controversy among viewers. There were a lot of complaints about the way smokers were portrayed in the advert.

    The advert uses dull and dark colours to make people think that smoking is a negative thing to do. The colours makes you think that smoking will change your colourful and lively world into a grey and gloomy one. As a result it puts a question in your mind, " should I smoke?".

    • Word count: 435
  24. Jaws. During the attacks Steven Spielberg uses different angle techniques to help build tension.

    but not at Amity Island. The shark is stopping them express their freedom & is trapping, limiting & capping their freedom. Steven Spielberg is very good with his audio effects, he gives the shark its own little signature theme tune so when the audience hears it they know the shark is coming. Spielberg tries to trick his audience into thinking the shark is attacking with sounds of people screaming, shouting, and even shows his characters being tricked into believing there a shark.

    • Word count: 567
  25. Romeo and Juliet. Baz Luhrmanns film of Romeo and Juliet retells the history for modern audience. How effective is the film for modern audience?

    Right on the start of the actual film there are various features very attractive to modern audience. The initial scenario starts with a lot of action and noise - loud rap music, gangs of teenager boys jumbling around on their cars. Their clothes were very colourful and typical wear by younger ones back on the 90's (the epoch in which the film were realised). Breaking it into pieces we can see some effective ways in which the initial scenario attracted modern audience. Rap music is listened for lots of young people therefore to hear it at the start of a film captive their attention.

    • Word count: 961

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