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GCSE: Audience and Production Analysis

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  1. Opening Sequence of a film

    The next cut is a high angle zoom shot into the brick wall, this exact shot then happens a few moments after which shows that there is something important down there, the fact that there is a long shot duration emphasises this as at first Ben looks down for a while then Riley does. This could also connote that the character could be feeling anxious and on edge. To establish the location on the roof a long shot is used which can show everything around the main character, Ben looks really small compared to the location which makes him seem insignificant.

    • Word count: 1414
  2. Opening Sequence of The dark Knight

    For some, it refers to all elements of visual style- that is, both elements on the set and aspects of the camera. Another micro feature is cinematography, which can generate different meanings. Different moods and atmosphere can be created by using different camera angles and distances from character and objects. For example, a close up shot of gun in a crime/action movie can generate a sense of death and fearfulness. I have chosen mise-en-scene and cinematography as the micro elements I will analyse.

    • Word count: 1400
  3. PSB vs Commercial Broadcaster

    Although a number of official bodies have attempted to identify the most important characteristics. Public service broadcasters generally transmit programming that aims to improve society by informing viewers. In contrast, the goal of commercial outlets is to provide popular content that attracts a large audience, maximizing revenue from advertising and sponsorship. For this reason, the ideals of public broadcasting are often hard to reconcile with commercial goals. James and Jim McDonnell (1990) show the characteristics and a list of possible goals of a public service broadcaster.

    • Word count: 2681
  4. Practical Production Moving Image commentary

    * This was a solo production; others helping me did so voluntarily. * Media Language was conveyed in an appropriate manner to provoke an emotional reaction from the viewer; * As the clip starts a scene which shows the most hideous walls of the school is shown - 'Beardwood' is the school in which this clip was made in > Most of my viewers work/pupils in the school, therefore this is automatically intriguing. 'Full of crime and hatred' is an example of this. * During every scene in which the victim, the bullied, Hassan, is being attacked, different sarcastic ("'Hello' - we are your friends')

    • Word count: 651
  5. trailer analysis :quantum of solace

    The trailer features instantly recognisable names like MGM and COLUMBIA. These are two successful companies that have produced many high budget films one of which is previous bond movie; Casino Royale (2006).The movie was a commercial success. For this reason it is likely to appeal wide audience as they will be expecting props like guns, high powered vehicles, latest technology and scaffolding. Furthermore, the trailer has got their expected standard that appeal to an audience who are the fans of action genre.

    • Word count: 971
  6. How does the director, Ridley Scott, make the audience aware that Maximus is the hero of the film and the Romans are the superior force? Refer to the opening (the battle) in your answer.

    The General Maximus is still respected and untouchable. When Maximus imagines himself at home in his farmland lot of calm, bright colours are shown such as yellow, beige and peach. The colour yellow is mainly used in the first shot, which shows warmth, happiness and being surrounded with loved ones. The colour yellow creates a relaxing and dreamy mood. However, this changes significantly when Maximus is shown in the present. Dark colours such as blue, black, grey and dull white replace the bright colours. These colours to some extent show sorrow, loneliness, discomfort and mainly cold.

    • Word count: 1553
  7. analysis of film North by North west

    This reflects his isolation as every one is against him. The wide ranges of camera angles used such as bird eye, high angle, eye level and good reaction shots and the fact that Alfred Hitchcock is known to be master of suspense and the movie is up to audience's expectation can also be the reason audience could be attracted to watch this movie. In the scene outside United Nation building where confused roger is fleeing from murder, Hitchcock uses bird's eye shot which creates dramatic vertigo effect of perspective to create suspense and confusion leaving the audience to wander what happen next.

    • Word count: 742
  8. The Central theme in the film Witness is seeing. Discuss the various ways of seeing that are presented by the director, Peter Weir.

    Samuel then finds a picture of a police officer who he recognised as the murderer. The police man that Samuel saw was corrupted for his job. His name was Mc Fee. Jhon Book goes to the chief police's house and tells him about the murderer Mc Fee. The only people that knew now were Jhon Book, Shaffler (chief police) and Samuel. As the story develops, at the car lot Mc Fee starts to shoot at Jhon Book. Jhon Book gets shot but survives.

    • Word count: 1665
  9. Media - Comparing Advertisements

    Colours are used to create the mood or tone of an advert. For example: products which are targeted to children or teenagers may use bright primary colours or oranges; this is because they are bold and dramatic, making it eye-catching to young people. However, other adverts may use greens, greys and soft blues to create a sophisticated and calming effect to their product; these colours might be used to attract the adult audiences. Other colours such as such as silver or gold signify luxury and may be used to suggest that a product is expensive or valuable; these adverts may target to adults as they tended to be wealthier than children.

    • Word count: 3241
  10. Media Studies- Quantum Of Solace, James Bond.

    This text also portrays him as unreliable and gets the audience questioning what he has done to deserve this remark. The footage proves that Bond has a vulnerability-Vesper. At the mention of her name and death, he is shown as powerless and the antagonist is in control. "I'd heard so much about you from Vesper, if she hadn't killed herself we would have had you too." This line is delivered menacingly, the rival is gaining control, and gives James a painful reminder, making him more and more susceptible, though at the same time creating fury.

    • Word count: 528
  11. Communication and Media

    Explain how they work by comparing two newspapers from different countries". The Jang and the Dagens Nyheter have both very different articles. News that may be found on the headlines on the Jang can be sometimes found in a short paragraph in a different newspaper. This leads one to ask oneself why that is so? The main reason for this is because of the so called "three distances". These three different points is mainly what the editor's look within each article before allowing them to be inserted into their newspaper.

    • Word count: 1299
  12. Market Research

    as Adidas deodorant is for the younger and older audience who enjoy working out and Lynx's deodorant is usually aimed for male teenagers and the unique message is that using Lynx's gets your more girls even though it does the same thing as Adidas's deodorant. It's important that the company that releases the product does their research on their target audience. By doing research it will help the company get an understating on how they can relate to the target audience, how they can draw the attention to their audience and by making their audience buy the product.

    • Word count: 1061
  13. Media Analysing the Fellowship of the Ring

    This Camera Shot also is used to stress Aragorn's importance in that scene as the shot makes Aragorn stand out. To show the Ringwraiths surrounding Weather Top, Peter Jackson uses the Bird's eyeshot. This is used to show us what is coming; also to make us feel empathy for the hobbits, as they are alone and trapped on Weather Top. We see the powerful leader of the Ringwraiths advancing slowly on Frodo from a Worm's eyeshot or a low angle shot.

    • Word count: 1674
  14. What do you think makes a successful music publication?

    I will now explore how over time these music magazines were successful and why. The New Musical Express (NME) was first published in March of 1952, Smash Hits! in 1978 and Kerrang and 1981. When any music magazine is first published they need to promote awareness, which is usually done through advertising and also they need to place themselves in the market with something new and original which will establish a sense of presence. All of the three magazines did exactly this. Soon after introducing itself, NME published the first ever UK singles chart, establishing itself in the music press industry and expanding its target audience to all of those who were interested in music.

    • Word count: 1131
  15. Analysis of my Advert

    The advert also contains a bottle which is silver because it contrast with the black and white background. The bottle has a straight, slim and long shape because this makes an object look posh and classic. The picture is in black and white because a person's facial expressions are clear see and better to understand the in colour because black & white captures emotions which are not visible in colour.

    • Word count: 754
  16. The Effect Media has on Society

    Without this connection, everyone would have their own little community unaware of what was going on elsewhere. If we didn't have this information, the world wouldn't be as united and disasters such as the tsunami wouldn't have had the help from the richer countries. Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio are examples of informative forms of media. In addition, the media entertains people. Most forms of media are entertaining including films and magazines. It can be used to advertise and sell things be it from the internet or leaflets. One big way media helps us is in communication. Lots of people use emails everyday, they are a form of media as well.

    • Word count: 564
  17. Textual Analysis of Star Wars and Alien

    He then created Blade Runner, which is another example of how Sci - fi has adapted so much. So, how are Star Wars and Alien different? To answer this question I watched around 10 minutes of the beginning of both films and made notes on the six areas of genre. Here are my notes for both films and then I will compare them: Alien ===== [IMAGE] Setting. * Space - makes the audience feel small. * Big spaceship * Spaceship moving across the screen slowly at the top so audience feel small and on the ground. Characters ---------- � The computer is thinking by itself � The characters wake up naked with heart rate monitors on their bodies

    • Word count: 948
  18. Edward scissorhands coursework

    The film is a criticism by Burton as how society it is today. Right at the beginning as Peg walks on a windy path the path represents the society and how it's twisted and it's not easy but in fact complicated. Then straight after this in a foreboding way we get the fact straight away that Joyce is a sexual predator with her tight clothes, red lips, clothes and nails, these show connotations of a sex obsessed woman which we later find out to be true; she may look okay but underneath that cosmetic metaphorical mask she is sinister.

    • Word count: 1762
  19. Media "VO5"

    The advert tries to get the point over by making is as if the women is centre of attention, wants to be notice, maybe applying it to people watching that she is vain because she looks so beautiful after the treatment has been used. In this advertisement the women is hurried into hospital just to have her hair washed in this fantastic shampoo and conditioner, but the producer made it as if it was something important like a heart transplant.

    • Word count: 626
  20. Media GCSE Evaluation

    Black and white is a comedy action film based in the simple state of Ohio, Colorado where a pair of high school friends find themselves at a Mc Donald's eating a chicken sandwich which has unbelievable magical powers the chicken sandwich then grants them three wishes but then double crosses Tupac shakur into making a wish that chicken sandwich to be president of the entire world. Chicken sandwich then realises that the duo of Ben Stiller appear to be fordable opponents, they then have an epic battle for supremacy and leadership but Ben Stiller then has a revelation that cheese

    • Word count: 870
  21. Sitcoms. Show us what you know about sitcoms. Tell us what their key features are and how the genre has changed over time. Dont forget to give us plenty of examples.

    Many of the sitcoms made in 70s are still going strong today. The decade gave the public smash hit sitcoms such as "Open All Hours", "Some Mothers Do Av 'Em" and "To the Manor Born". To The Manor Born was an extremely popular sitcom, even 25+ years after the original version ended it is seen as one of the greatest ever British sitcoms. Another sitcom from the 70s era is "Last of the Summer Wine" and this show is still running on the BBC today. "Love Thy Neighbour" is another popular sitcom from the 70's, it was released simultaneously to the time when large amounts of black immigrants had come to Britain.

    • Word count: 794
  22. Future of Sitcoms

    The newer sitcoms also lack the 3 camera set up. Another reason that critics will argue that his contributed to the death of the sitcom is digital TV. Most of the population has now got digital TV services from SKY, Virgin etc. and this now means that they have a larger variety of programmes to choose from, leaving the television market saturated as the sitcom now has too many competitors. Also just as the 70s was the Era of the Sitcom, the turn of the century has become the Era of the Reality Television shows, there popularity has increased incredibly and dealt a blow to the situation comedy.

    • Word count: 726
  23. Film review (Superbad)

    He is asked to write a witness statement by two crazed police officers. This simple seeming task turns itself into police chases, arrests and drunken cops. Seth and Even are best mates; Seth is a quiet, unconfident character who knows right from wrong. Even is the confident rebellious character who has got used to being able to overpowering his best. These two contrasting characters make a hilarious couple and will have you in stitches!

    • Word count: 599
  24. How effective is the trailer to Gladiator(TM)?

    Maximus rises in the gladiatorial arena to obtain his revenge for the murder of his family and his Emperor. The first sounds we hear are drums. This straight away suggests something about army or royalty. We see the DreamWorks and Universal logos, those companies are well known as they have done many famous films, so the viewer is already thinking about the quality of the film. The Music changes when the first image appears, brass instruments come in. It is only text, "The General", but grabs our attention as they are uppercase letters with white font on a black background, and in the centre.

    • Word count: 1580
  25. Explain codes and conventions in the media.

    Give example of four media industries. There are many media industries and complete each other. The television industry. The radio industry: The radio industry has become very important in media industries which deals with anything need recording and selling record players to make a lot of money. The film industry: It is a place where films are made; one of film industries is Hollywood which is the largest studios for making films. The advertising industry: advertising is considered to be one of the oldest forms of the media without it the media production would not be known, so advertising industry keeps the business alive.

    • Word count: 1225

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